Revision of 2008: Year of the Linux Desktop from Sun, 02/10/2008 - 17:01

Are we doing enough to attract new users from the IT community? The results are right here, many of the IT pros do not see Vista as an option any longer, and I personally see a fantastic opportunity for various Linux distros to make a name for themselves going forward. Here's a solid opportunity to take some thunder away from Ubuntu and give a leg up to otherwise lesser known distros. All the development teams of these distros need to do is provide helpful security tools for IT pros and then work at getting the word out of their existence.

Security-Based Distros Already Exist? Sure they do, yet most people have no idea what they are or where to find them . Even worse, there is a high likelihood that most of those security types in the IT community will shun using such options based on some haphazard belief that they are not as good as proprietary options.