Revision of Sunbird - A Powerful Standalone Calendar from Mozilla from Tue, 02/05/2008 - 03:01

Thank you to Russell Beattie for recommending today's application. He's got an entry about playing with legos that has nothing to do with Ubuntu, but's it's too darn cool. Go forth, thy army of readers, and check it out!

Sunbird is a calendar application built by the people at the Mozilla Foundation. It's entirely standalone: it doesn't require the bulk of another application, but doesn't offer any integration into other programs.

Russ suggested Sunbird for people who prefer not to use Evolution. Thankfully, it's incredibly easy to move your calendar over with the import wizard.

For those who use Google Calendar, Sunbird provides CalDAV support to easily subscribe to your web-based calendars. You can also manage your tasks along with support for multiple calendars.

As you would expect, there are views for the day, week, or entire month. There's also a feature to publish your calendar to the web. Add-ons are also supported --- the most exciting is Provider for Google Calendar, which aims to simplify and extend bidirectional access with Google.

Installing Sunbird is quite simple. Whip out your favorite Terminal, and type in:

sudo apt-get install sunbird

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