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Legend has it that a Moleskine notebook and a pen were the tools of choice for Chatwin and Hemingway -- but that's because they didn't have Writer’s Café. Designed specifically for writing professionals, this application suite includes a few clever features that make it a must-have tool, whether you write for a living or for fun. Although the Writer's Café developers state that it's most suited for writing fiction, novels, and short stories, you can easily use it for all kinds of writing activities.

Installing Writer's Café is easy, which is good news for less tech-savvy writers. Download the latest .tar.gz package, unpack it into a temporary directory, and run the installwc script. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the installation.


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Hope it's good for essays!

By the way, the Writer's Cafe link it wrong and dosen't go anywhere... Just to UbuntuHQ.

EDIT: I think it's not free, shareware maybe?

Thanks for mentioning that.

Thanks for mentioning that. It's really weird, but fixed now