Revision of Howto Change Screen Resolution on Ubuntu Server Console from Wed, 10/10/2007 - 17:46

I was browsing the Ubuntu questions the other day when I came across a question about changing the bootup and console screen resolution for Ubuntu server edition. The question was:


I am running Ubuntu 6.10 Server Edition on a Toshiba Tecra8000 laptop and I need some help changing the screen resolution from 640X480 to 1024X768. I am also running Xubuntu on a Satellite 4080XCDT and I was able to fairly easily correct the screen resolution by editing xorg.conf. Unfortunately, I noticed that Ubuntu Server Edition does not have an xorg.conf. Is there a similar configuration file that I should edit on the Server Edition? If so, can anyone tell where to find it and some advice on editing it?


Funnily enough, my server has the same issue - although I only tend to access it via SSH so it's never really been much of a problem. Anyhow, on reading the question I thought I might as well find out more and see if I could find a fix.

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