Revision of Screencast Subtitles from Mon, 09/10/2007 - 23:15

In order to make our screencasts as accessible as possible, we are working on creating subtitles for all the screencasts on the site. This page will be updated as we get the screencasts transcribed and those transcriptions translated.

To use the subtitle files, simply download the .srt file linked on the pages listed below to the same location as the associated Ogg video. Rename the .srt file (or the .ogg video) so the two files match. For example "" and "installing_updates_kubuntu.ogg". Open the ogg file in your media player of choice. The subtitles should display.

The following media players have been tested:-

  • Totem
  • VLC
  • mplayer

Please feel free to comment below if you have tested a media player and can confirm it works

In addition if you would like to submit translated versions of the files linked on the pages below, please drop a mail to the Ubuntu Screencasts Mailing list

So far the following screencasts have subtitles in the languages listed.