Revision of Encrypt your Files with Truecrypt & Forcefield GUI from Tue, 09/04/2007 - 06:55

I have always been security conscious, in todays world privacy & security is a thing of the past unless we take matters into our own hands. I have used many types of encryption applications, dm-crypt, luks, cryptsetup, encfs, and truecrypt. personally I like truecrypt more than all the others simply because you can hide encrypted files in encrypted files. This is a form of steganography and is a better deterrant to law enforcement than full disk encryption, with that judges and juries seem to think you are indeed hiding something and you should be punished. I found this powefull little applet for gnome that complements truecrypt very nicely. I can simply right click & and create & mount truecrypt volumes.
This is all you do: