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When I first started learning to read, my primary motivation was to gain the ability to read the comics in my local paper. I had no idea at that time that there were so many comics in the world. Now I know that there are comics all over the Web, but who has time to go to each site each day and read the latest strip? Thanks to the world of open source software, you can gather all your favorite comics on one page automatically, ready for you to read each morning.

Dosage is "an application designed to keep a local 'mirror' of specific Web comics, with a variety of options for naming schemes and updating options. It supports a recursive 'catch-up' method, where it traverses a comic by essentially 'visiting' previous comics and picking out the comics." I have combined Dosage with the CGI Calendar of Events application to create a customized calendar with links to comics for each page.

Setting up: the prerequisites