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Portable Ubuntu

Please can you point me in the direction of a truly simple method of creating a bootable version of Ubuntu on a USB stick.

Something blisteringly easy.



I've got it, but for Ubuntu 6.10

Dunno if this helps, but i have one for Ubuntu 6.10, because 7.04 its not enabled to do so.
If there's any use you can check out this How-To to install your Live Cd Distros without burning it to a CD/DVD.

Here ya go:

Use QEMU, blisteringly easy and portable:

Have a look here for Ubuntu 7.04 on an usb Stick

And welcome + good luck, Ubuntu HQ; I've added a link to you on my site



GO UBUNTU HQ Great site . Smile

Perpetual Login

Don't know if this has been brought up, but is there a way for users to have their login be perpetual (even a couple weeks at a time would be nice).

The reason I ask is because I don't want to have to login each and every time I visit, which is just about every day since this has become a great resource for Ubuntu related material.




Done. There's now a 'remember me'-button, which will remember your session for 30 days. Thanks for the advise!


This is a great site.  I've subscribed to a lot of Ubuntu blogs, but this is the most relevant to the stuff I'm interested in. 

Thanks!  It's perfect!


So I've been coming here off and on for a while now and I wanted to mention something because it's a feature that I think would be great.

 Looking at the layout of the site reminds me a lot of Digg and other sites like it.  One of the things that I've always liked about Digg is that when you click on the title of the submitted article, you're directed to the article itself instead of an intermediary page.  UbuntuHQ is really well put together, but I don't really like having to click twice to get the full story.

 Ok, I've whined enough, now for the suggestion part:  Would it be possible to make it so that if there is a Full Story link on the second page, that the user is then redirected to that page?  In the few cases where all the information is listed in the initial summary for the submission, clicking on the link should just take the user to the comments about that submission.


I hope I've not come off as complaining too much, I do like UbuntuHQ a lot!     

Thanks for your suggestion!

Thanks for your suggestion! I'm glad you want to help improving UbuntuHQ.

But I think that the solution you suggest will be very difficult for me to implement, and will be confusing for some users. Following the title link will sometimes send them to an external page, and sometimes to an internal.

But I think I have found a solution everyone will be happy with: I simply add the FullStory link to the frontpage part of the article as well (next to 'add new comment' and '63 reads'). Then you can choose to click the title, and go to the intermediary page, OR immediately click the FullStory link, and go to the original article.

It will take me some time to find out how to do this. I know it's possible, but it won't be easy. Give me a few weeks :-) 

What do you think?