Installing Ubuntu Linux - Is It As Perfect As They Say?

It has probably been four years since I last installed Linux from scratch.  It isn't that I haven't touched a Linux command prompt or system in four years, it just that all of my installs are on my servers which just get updates applied.  I decided to install Ubuntu Linux the other morning on an older Dell laptop I have replacing Windows. 

All this laptop is used for is surfing the web around the house.  It lives next to my man chair (recliner) in the living room.  The purpose of this exercise was twofold.  From a usability point of view I wanted to see how easy the install of Linux had gotten and document my experience.  And two I know there are a lot of people that have never even attempted to install Linux and I hope this helps those people at least play around.  I will probably also use this install as a basis for some future topics as well as learning some new languages.  Thus, you'll probably see some new material coming out down the road.