Default Wallpaper for Ubuntu 7.10

The look of the default Ubuntu wallpaper has not changed much in the last few releases. As of now, this will be the default for the upcoming 7.10 release. You may notice like I did that it is darker than previous wallpapers. A few people are not liking it, this tread on the Ubuntu forums has been started to discuss the wallpaper choice.

OpenXML (docx,…) suport in OpenOffice

I’m starting to get .docx in my mail lately ( against my will…) and not using Microsoft Office and not beeing able to ask people to send at least .doc, I had to do some search to give some support do OpenOffice to this “format”.

Make Ubuntu look like fedora with the Nodoka Theme

I really dont like fedora, but its theme is nice and crisp, check it out, if you dont like it rm -rf :)

This is a quick 5 step install, check it...

Dave Shields On Package Management: Apt-Get It or For-get It

Here is all you need to know about package management on Linux. By package management I mean how you install, update, or remove a package.

The most concise expression is: [1]

Apt-get it or for-get it.

Put another way:

If you cannot install a package using apt-get then you should forget about it. If the author doesn’t provide it so it can be installed with apt-get, then it’s not yet ready for serious consideration, so you shouldn’t waste your time on it if you have to use another package manager.

Compiz in Ubuntu Update

Rather than reply to the comments left on my last post I’ve decided to write this so more people will see the answers. First of all, my source of info is me. I’m on the compiz team in Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Search Engine

Thanks to all feedback received the page was improved and now is better placed — is easier to remember (an obvious sort of fusion between Ubuntu and Google’s name as it describes well the search engine).

Installing The IBM Lotus Symphony Beta 1 Office Suite On Ubuntu 7.04

This document describes how to set up IBM Lotus Symphony Beta 1 on Ubuntu 7.04. IBM Lotus Symphony is an office-suite that is based on (a fork of v1.x) and ported to Lotus Expeditor (IBM's enhancement of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform). It contains programs for word processing, spreadsheet and presentation.

Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) Default Wallpaper Chosen - What do you think?

The final deadline for Gutsy Gibbon's artwork was on September 20th. This is most likely the wallpaper we'll be seeing in the final release. What does everyone think? What would a first-time user think? Is it too dark/brown? ...or is it just right?

How To Mount Your iPhone Filesystem On Ubuntu

Do you want to browse your iPhones’ filesystem on your Ubuntu machine? Follow these instructions and you’ll have it working in no time flat.

This article assumes your iPhone is “out of jail” and has installed. If you have not already gotten this part taken care of, click here for steps you need to follow first.

gEdit and smooth FTP saving!

I just found out that there is a setting in gconf-editor that allows you to use gedit to save to ftp sites with ease. By default, if you peruse an ftp site with nautilus and open a text file on that ftp site, you can’t just click file and save to save the remote file. This was such a pain and what kept me using kate. My troubles end today.

Meet the Ubuntu 7.10 Official Wallpaper

Theres an official wllpaper for Ubuntu 7.10. Come here and see it :D

Ubuntu “Human” Gnome-Screensaver Lock Dialog Theme

One of my friends let me in on a project he put together today that I think a lot of you would be interested in. Actually I think it would be a great addition to squeeze into the next Ubuntu release (can some of the higher-ups with a say on the freezes perhaps take a look?) It is a “human” themed gnome screensaver lock dialog.

Ubuntu Black Screen Recovery

Updating Ubuntu only to discover that the kernel update has brought you to a black screen - never fun.

Easy search on Planet Debian and Planet Ubuntu

Russel Coker, a famous Debian developper, took a really interesting initiative. He used the Google Custom search to create 2 Google search engines :

Upgrade Ubuntu from Feisty to Gutsy

Ubuntu Gutsy is the next major release of the most popular Linux distro, due for release in October. Like all Linux distributions you can upgrade to the beta version anytime you want, as long as you don't mind encountering a few bumps in the road.

How to setup file-sharings/FTP for machines by newbie in 5 minutes

Lacking of good GUI tool, it is often a headache for newbies to setup the FTP service to transfer files among windows/linux/mac machines. Here we introduce a new powerful GUI server/client tool for you to easily solve this problem.

Dell Releases Modified Ubuntu CDs

Dell has made its modified Ubuntu installers available to download. These disks include drivers and fixes for Dell’s Ubuntu supported PCs.

Got more than a gig of RAM and 32-bit Linux? Here's how to use it

Nowadays, many machines are running with 2-4 gigabytes of RAM, and their owners are discovering a problem: When they run 32-bit GNU/Linux distributions, their extra RAM is not being used. Fortunately, correcting the problem is only a matter of installing or building a kernel with a few specific parameters enabled or disabled.

Why KDE?

I just suddenly felt an urge to right about KDE after reading troy’s recent post (Troy, your marketing fever and ideas are contagious!!). I will probably be writing about something that has been written over and over again, but let me give it my own personal flavor. So…

New site aims to cut power bills for Intel-based Linux users

The Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) at Intel has launched a Web site,, to help Linux users maximize power savings. The site hosts several open source projects, and shares tips and tricks to help optimize power consumption on hardware from portable devices running on batteries to large data centers.

Introducing the new Fridge!

Thanks to the awesome work of Joey Stanford and Matthew Nuzum, the Fridge has had a long overdue upgrade and complete re-design. We now have:

The Open Source Solution to Solving Linux Wi-Fi Problem

Could this be the badly needed 'fix' that we need in the wireless world with regard to Linux? While it does present a new world of simplicity with getting innovation underway, I do not think this alone is going to help get more wireless vendors on board with the Linux movement anytime soon.

USB Ubuntu 7.04 persistent install

This tutorial explains how to install, boot and run Ubuntu 7.04 from a USB flash thumb drive using Windows, the Ubuntu Linux CD and a new custom FIXED initrd.gz to correct the persistent feature that was previously broken with the original 7.04 release. Upon completion of this tutorial, the user will be able to save changes and settings back to the flash drive making for a completely Portable Ubuntu version 7.04. Now you can take your Feisty Fawn with you!

Virus Protection With F-PROT Antivirus On Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

This tutorial shows how you can install and use F-PROT Antivirus on an Ubuntu Feisty Fawn desktop. Although there aren't many Linux viruses out there, this can be useful if you often exchange files with Windows users - it can help you to not pass on any Windows viruses (that don't do any harm to Linux systems) to Windows users. F-PROT Antivirus for Linux is free for home use.

Open source software for architects

When I began my career as an assistant architect 12 years ago, I used AutoCAD R12, 3D Studio, CorelDraw 6.0, and Photoshop 4.0 for architectural drawing and 3-D modeling. Today, many architects still use their later versions, but those bulky packages provide many functions an architect will never use. Luckily, there are several open source alternatives that are well-suited for architects -- QCad in place of AutoCAD, Blender instead of 3DMax, Inkscape in place of CorelDraw, and the GIMP as a substitute for Photoshop.

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