New search powers lead Firefox 3

The latest version of web browser Firefox will make changes to the way people search for information online, says its developer. Mozilla has told the BBC's World Service that the new browser has been designed around the importance of search to users.

Ubuntu Mobile

Ubuntu Mobile is an Ubuntu edition that targets an exciting new class of computers called Mobile Internet Devices. Ubuntu Mobile, based on the world’s most popular Linux distribution, and MID hardware from OEMs and ODMs, are redefining what can be done in mobile computing.

Another top 10 Firefox extensions

1. Nighty Tester Tools - It fixes extension compatibility (makes them all work with the latest firefox version), and adds a few extras useful to those that regularly test nightly builds of Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird and Toolkit Seamonkey (umong other things).

2. Better GReader - This extension is for Google Reader, and it Compiles some of the best Greasemonkey user scripts and Stylish skins for Google Reader into one convenient interface.

Turn Ubuntu Blue Using Blubuntu

Spend a lot of time building a non-brown theme whenever you install Ubuntu? There’s a little-known theme called Blubuntu easily installable from the Ubuntu repositories that can switch every aspect of your desktop to blue.

OpenProj: good software, but needs documentation

OpenProj 1.0 was recently released by Projity, which offers a related commercial product called Project-On-Demand. OpenProj is written in Java and licensed under CPAL 1.0, and versions for Windows, Mac OS/X, and Linux can be downloaded from

Spy and Sniff Wifi in Ubuntu Gutsy

Ok hacking wifi is as simple as compiling a linux application or simple ./exploit, if you intend to hack your neighbors wifi it is good to get to know who they are, where they are, what they do and know just how smart they are. There is a ton of things you can do with ettercap, the plugins are great.

Sound filtering... with the Gimp!

Gimp is universally used for image manipulation. However, with a bit of creativity and a couple of tricks, it can also be used as an audio filter! Here is how…

Top 11-20 Ubuntu applications

You can find the first part here.

11. Deluge BitTorrent Client - Best BitTorrent client for Ubuntu.


12. Audacious - Music player based on XMMS that looks like Winamp, uses Winamp skins and has a lot of plugins available.

To install: sudo apt-get install audacious

13. Exaile - Music player that suppose to be similar to KDE’s Amarok, but for GTK+ and written in Python. I can’t make up my mind if i should use Audacious or Exaile, so i put them both here :D

To install: sudo apt-get install exaile

Top 10 Ubuntu applications

1. VLC media player - plays all media file types, with it’s own codecs (no need of additional codecs)

Open a terminal window and type in:
sudo apt-get install vlc

Get Notified by SMS When Someone Contacts you on Pidgin

There are two groups of people in the world - those who know when to walk away from their computer and those who are tied to it 24/7. The former group will therefore hate this hack - and will wail about it in the comments. The latter group will love it. Unfortunately, I am in the latter group!

Wubi arrives: a look at Ubuntu 8.04 alpha 5

The Ubuntu development community has announced that the fifth Ubuntu 8.04 prerelease is now available for testing. Ubuntu 8.04 alpha 5 adds additional polish and reliability as well as a few intriguing new features. The official release of Ubuntu 8.04, codenamed Hardy Heron, is scheduled for late April and feature freeze is already in effect.

Firefox feed extensions

Few features are as essential to modern Web browsing as feeds. With the rise of social networking and file sharing sites, feeds have become the only way for many people to keep up-to-date with all the sites that interest them. Certainly feeds are more efficient than resolutely clicking dozens or hundreds of bookmarks one after another. To satisfy the need to feed, developers have written dozens of Firefox add-ons to help you view both classic feed formats and sites that lack a feed.

Working with Songbird and wma files

If you want to work with songbird and wma files here is the simple tip how to work together. First, open up a terminal and go to the Songbird chrome directory:

Creating DVD Movies with Ubuntu & Tovid

I have recently been looking into creating a DVD movie in Ubuntu from an .avi file. After a lot of research and testing a few methods I have found one that I am extremely happy with. This method involves using Tovid which is a collection of GPL video disc authoring tools according to the Tovid site.

Install new Slickness theme in Ubuntu Feisty Gutsy, and Heron

I ran across another slick theme, its called SlickNess, It is actually pretty slick, reminds me of the Ubuntu Studio theme with a few nice improvements, let me know what you think.

Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 5 Released - A short review

The fifth alpha of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron has been released. Read the release notes, and download it. Here’s what I noticed that’s new in Hardy Heron Alpha 5:

Ubuntu: Bridging the technology gap

In our second interview with Mark Shuttleworth, the man behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, we discuss issues of interoperability and the learning curve associated with switching to Linux.

As the founder of Thawte Consulting, and sometime participant in the Debian GNU/Linux development process, Mark Shuttleworth, the South African entrepreneur, benefactor and creator of Ubuntu Linux, was an early adopter of free software.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue 79

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 79 for the week February 17th - February 23rd, 2008 is now available. In this issue we cover the release of Hardy Alpha 5, Ubuntu 8.10 Interpid Ibex, Ubuntu Developer Week, newly approved LoCos and members, interview with the Ubuntu Server Product Manager, and, as always, much, much more!

Is open source giving Second Life a second life?

Linden Labs, whose Second Life is so cool yet so lacking in profits it’s been lampooned in an IBM ad, sent out an e-mail alert this week boasting that open source is giving the company, well, a second life.

My Review of Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon

Ubuntu is an extremely popular Linux distribution. As usual, the servers got clogged with traffic from all the users trying to download Ubuntu all at once. After letting my Ubuntu installation sit for a while, I decide to write a review of it now.

Book Review: "Beginning Ubuntu Server Administration: From Novice to Professional”

Apress was kind enough to send me a copy of their new book “Beginning Ubuntu Server Administration: From Novice to Professional” by Sander van Vugt. Overall, I was very impressed with this book — it was well written, filled with applicable examples, covered a wide range of topics, and provided background for people new to Ubuntu or Linux in general.

Bootchart: boot profiling

On a recent vacation my laptop boot time (>4 min.) started getting on my nerves. I resolved to enjoy the vacation but fix things on my return. At home a few minutes with Google brought bootchart to my attention.

Massive List of Laptops That Work With Ubuntu

I’ve been in the market for some time, looking for a quality laptop that I can install Ubuntu on (in other words Linux Ubuntu compatible) and tweak as I need. Unfortunately, I don’t find much information that shows me which makes and models work… and nobody has offered me a test model that I can write a review about, yet.

Request A Package For Ubuntu

This post will explain (in depth) how to request a package to be included in the Ubuntu repositories.Ubuntu is built around a packaging system called apt (advanced packaging tool), which uses Debian packaging. To keep Ubuntu as simple as possible there are 4 apt “repositories” which hold different classes of software. ‘Main’ is the main repository. It is basically everything that comes on your  Ubuntu CD and is installed by default.

Installing NetBeans 6.0 on Ubuntu-7.10

I followed the instructions mentioned in this NetBeans Wiki to install NB 6.0 on my ubuntu. But I feel some more information can be added to this wiki. For example, when i ran the command "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk", ubuntu complained to me that this package is not found in its repositories.

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