Amazon's Linux answer to iTunes is a winner

Are you a Linux user suffering from iTunes store envy? If so, Amazon has a deal for you. While any good Linux media player, like my own personal favorite Banshee, will let you rip music from CDs, there hasn't been a good source to buy music online for Linux players ... until now.

VNC in Ubuntu

VNC might be a confusing name for some. The abbreviation stands for Virtual Network Computing. VNC uses the RFB protocol available in Linux,Windows and Macintosh environments. The confusion I talk about may come from the fact that a great Windows software RealVnc using this protocol contains in it's name the VNC word.

A shared passion for software is what drives the open-source movement

The Free and Open-Source Software Developers' European Meeting (Fosdem) in Brussels attracts about 3,000 people every year, and last month marked its eighth edition.

Photoshop in Ubuntu

This is my current desktop. It’s a standard ubuntu, and on the right it runs Photoshop CS2, thanks to Wine’s latest version. The integration is not yet very polished - I can’t drag and drop images on Photoshop, and I had to write a shell script to open files with Photoshop from Nautilus that is still not clean enough (I can’t get multiple images concurrently into the RAW converter plugin). But it works well enough to be useful.

Using open source to fight porn

Our daughter was rummaging through a box of memorabilia and found an evelope of photos taken in early 2001, about the time I'd purchased a cool new macro lens. One minute she was flipping through a series of cute puppy pictures and the next minute she's face to face with a set of full-frontal nude photographs depicting...a wolf spider. In fact, the spider was so exposed, the close-up so extreme, that Amy could not bring herself to even handle the photos so as to put them back into the envelope from which they came.

Install Gnome-Do Plugins

Hopefully you caught yesterday’s post on How To Install Gnome Do. If not, head back and check it out. It’s a really sweet app. As promised yesterday I wanted to outline how to install plugins for Gnome-Do, which really add to the functionality.

Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 6: Tweaked Theme, Screen Resolution Utility, and relatime

Ubuntu Hardy Heron Alpha 6 is the final alpha release for Ubuntu 8.04. Let’s look at three of the new features: the new theme, Screen Resolution utility, and relatime.

Common newb mistakes, and how to avoid them

Newcomers to Ubuntu have any number of problems, but some of them are fairly common. Here are three I see a lot, and easy ways to avoid them.

Misburning the ISO, or making a data CD with the ISO on it. If you’ve never burned an ISO to a CD, it’s important to get it right, or it won’t boot and you will have probably wasted a CD too.

Second Life Linux Client Turns Beta

After extensive testing and loads of community involvement, we’re happy to announce that the Linux version of the Second Life viewer has gone beta and is available for download at: Now Linux users can enjoy the same capabilities as Windows and Mac users to explore, create and socialize!

Alien Arena 2008 released!

COR Entertainment, LLC announces the release of Alien Arena 2008, a freeware, opensourced FPS! This game is the followup to the critically acclaimed Alien Arena 2007, and features nearly all new game media, gameplay improvements, and a client that has been signifigantly upgraded for improved visual effects as well as major optimizations that greatly improve the fluidity and performance.

Using Google Gears on Linux

Google gears makes web applications work offline. It seamlessly synchronizes and stores an image of the online version on your local pc for offline use. Quite a lot of web apps are available on google gears. Some common ones that I have used - Google Reader, Autodesk draw, Zoho Writer etc. It first came out for windows in mid 2007 and now they have a fully functional, stable version for Linux. Installing it and using it is really easy. Let's see how.

The Office Suite Dilemma on Ubuntu

Let's face it, the office suite options on Ubuntu aren't as good as they should be. (I'm going to talk mostly about word processing here.) has most of the features anyone needs, but it is big -- really big -- and slow. It's leaps ahead of Star Office 5.0, OO.o's predecessor when I used it years ago, but OO.o moves forward relatively slowly and is notorious for having very little community contribution. Most of the new code comes from inside Sun. It uses the ISO standard ODF file format by default.

Install Gnome-Do

Yesterday I started using an application called Gnome-Do, which I have to say is awesome. If you’ve used Quicksilver on OSX or Katapult on KDE its really similar. It’s a quick-launch tool to get you what you need as fast as possible (but not faster, of course!). It allows you to quick launch desktop applications with a few quick keystrokes and just generally makes life easy.

Choose the DVD ripper that's right for you

Linux is sometimes belittled for having inferior applications, but that's simply not the case. Take DVD rippers, for example -- a plethora of them work on Linux machines. With so many to choose from, which is the best?

Icon herding gets easier with Tango Generator

When you want to customize the look and feel of your Linux desktop environment, you can find many resources for altering window managers and interface widgets, but working with icons has always been more of an issue. Now you can get help with icons from a new program called Tango Generator.

How-to Install Nexuiz 2.4

Nexuiz is one of the most popular open-source first person shooter games. It’s been in development for a long time, and the new 2.4 release has added a new menu system that’s easier to use, improved 3d effects, more game content, and improved performance. The version included in the Ubuntu repositories is now out of date, so you’ll need to install version 2.4 manually.

Ubuntu: next release will be the critical one

April 24 will be a red letter day for the Ubuntu project. It will be three-and-a-half years since the experiment began and the release that day of Hardy Heron, as version 8.04 is known, will be a defining moment. This could well be the release that either makes or breaks the project.

Flock 1.1 with WebMail is here

We’re very excited to tell you about our latest release, so let’s cut to the chase: Flock 1.1 is here.  You can download it via any of the download buttons here on (the installer will upgrade older builds of Flock to 1.1 and retain your data).  We will be turning on automatic updates from 1.0.9 to 1.1 in the coming weeks.

gedit plugins: What they are and how to use them

In my last article, I talked about using the powerful gedit text editor. But no program is perfect, mainly because too many features imply too much bloat. That’s where gedit’s plugins come into play. In this article, I’m will explain how to install and use some of my favorite gedit plugins.

Application/Software Management in Ubuntu

If you are just new to Ubuntu and have come from Windows where you got most updates by visiting the various vendors or each application doing it separately you are in for a jolt! Updating your complete Ubuntu system including all the software is as simple as running the update manager. In this simple how-to you will learn how easy it is to install in various different ways and remove software as well .

Get started faster in Ubuntu

The more I use Ubuntu, the more I like it. That's not to say I was happy with the operating system's default start-up settings, however. Here are three Ubuntu tweaks that speed up the start of my workday.

Create Your Own Sexylicious Ubuntu Desktop

Many people asked about that very nice Ubuntu theme, which is actually a mockup, and they wanted to have such a beauty on their desktops. Therefore, this guide will teach you how to create your own "sexylicious" Ubuntu desktop! In other words, we will pimp your desktop and change its looks:

Ubuntu founder predicts Linux dominance in devices

Led by embedded consumer electronics device deployments, Linux is on "a trajectory to be the emerging platform of choice," says Mark Shuttleworth in an interview. The Canonical founder discusses plans for a user-friendly version of the popular Ubuntu desktop OS just for mobile and embedded devices, among other topics.

Free Software and the GNU Operating System

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a 501(c)3 donor supported charity founded in 1985 and based in Boston, MA, USA. The FSF has a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom and to defend the rights of all free software users.

Will “Landscape” Give Ubuntu Linux A Business Lift?

If a new administration tool works as advertised, Ubuntu Linux may become much easier for businesses to install, manage and troubleshoot on an enterprise scale. The new tool, dubbed Landscape, arrives March 5 from Canonical.

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