Secure temporary files in Linux

On a typical Linux system there will be at least two, if not more, directories or partitions meant to hold temporary files. There is always the /tmp directory, and often a /var/tmp directory as well. With newer Linux kernels, there can also be /dev/shm, which is mounted using the tmpfs filesystem.

5 Free Linux Backup Solutions

If you’ve ever lost data due to a system crash, you know how crucial backing up important files can be. Here are 5 Linux Backup Solutions you should check out. I recommend you implement at least one of these Linux Backup Solutions before it’s too late.

S01E02 - Stuck on you

Ciemon Dunville, Alan Pope, Dave Walker, Tony Whitmore with Dave Murphy present the second episode of the Ubuntu UK Podcast.

In this episode we talk about:-


Ubuntu Demo day organiser Dianne Reuby talks about what’s planned for the 26th April.
Dave Murphy -talks about Cumbria LUG, schwuk, Canonical, authoring and hardware.

How low can you go - putting Ubuntu [...]

S01E02 – Stuck on you

Ciemon Dunville, Alan Pope, Dave Walker, Tony Whitmore with Dave Murphy present the second episode of the Ubuntu UK Podcast.

In this episode we talk about:-

Open Source Apps for Small Biz: Desktop to Backup

Open source software (OSS) has become a buzzword sometimes burdened by misperception and misunderstanding. The OSS movement is deeply rooted in the Linux/Unix community, and it's based on the premise that developers distribute their software complete with the source code for inspection or customization. But OSS software is not limited to the Linux and Unix operating systems—increasingly, OSS applications are available for Windows, too, even though Windows itself is a closed-source platform.

Dell, Rivals Leaving Ubuntu Money on the Table

The VAR Guy is in the market for a small office printer that supports Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X and Windows XP. Alas, most PC companies do a lousy job describing which of their printers work with Ubuntu. Which means they’re leaving easy money on the table. Here’s our resident blogger’s sad story so far.

Search file servers from the Web with libferris and PHP

Libferris allows you to index and perform full text search on a number of file formats, including PDF, manual pages, and office documents. The recent availability of packages of libferris and its dependencies for Fedora, Ubuntu, and openSUSE makes it simpler to use the library to provide a file server search interface for the Web. Libferris was initially created to provide a virtual filesystem interface, similar to GnomeVFS and KDE's KIO. Over time libferris has gained sophisticated support for indexing and searching filesystems.

The future of Linux: what it means for Wikipedia

With 2,000 lines of code being added every single day, any lingering suggestion that Linux might suffer from a lack of support is clearly insane. But what lessons can the open-source OS teach its somewhat younger encyclopaedic cousin, Wikipedia?

Creating DVD Movies with Ubuntu

I have recently been looking into creating a DVD movie in Ubuntu from an .avi file. After a lot of research and testing a few methods I have found one that I am extremely happy with. This method involves using Tovid which is a collection of GPL video disc authoring tools according to the Tovid site.

Beware of Opening Links in a New Window

Jakob Nielsen has likened the practice of opening links in a new window to a vacuum cleaner sales person who starts a visit by emptying an ash tray on the customer's carpet. Now, I wouldn't say that it's quite as bad as that, but it can be pretty annoying to click a link and suddenly have a new window appear out of nowhere.

Audacious - Lightweight Music Player for Ubuntu

Back in the day before I ran out of XP activations (stupid thing kept crashing), I used to LOVE Winamp for managing and playing my MP3 collection. It was just so quick, minimal and responsive compared to more management-based programs like iTunes. Imagine my delight when I switched to Linux and discovered XMMS. It was love until the honeymoon stage wore off, and became annoyed by the ugly GTK1 menus and fonts, and the lack of development.

dillo: a super fast web browser

Dillo is a extremely stable, fast and light web browser. Based on GTK+, you can install Dillo from apt-get or snyaptic for just about any hardware platform and window manager supported by Debian or Ubuntu. Dillo is written entirely in C for speed and compatibility and is best for tasks where being fast and frugal on memory are the highest priorities. Perfect for large image archive displays!

Video conversion in Linux with RippedWire and WinFF

In the past we have examined OggConvert and Thoggen, two GUI tools for simple encoding or transcoding video into free Ogg formats. But if you are interested in codecs other than Theora and Dirac, you have a lot more options to choose from. Let's consider two utilities that advertise both ease-of-use and quality: RippedWire targets DVD ripping and conversion specifically, and WinFF, which can convert DVD content and other video sources.

Gnumeric - A Powerful and Light Spreadsheet Program

Gnumeric is a spreadsheet application included as a part of the GNOME Office suite. It supports a slew of different formats, including Microsoft Excel, CSV, OpenDocument, and LaTeX, just to name a few. It copies most of the features available in the more ubiquous, proprietary spreadsheet programs, including charts, random number generation, statistical analysis, styling, and batch processing.

Installing Applications Graphically

For me, the easiest way to install and update applications is through apt-get on the command line. But, I've used Ubuntu for a few years now, and I realize that not everyone is comfortable with the CLI. Today, I want to highlight a few graphical alternatives to apt-get. These directions will work in place of the Terminal directions for any application in the Ubuntu repositories.
I don't use the graphical installers, so I don't know all of the tips and tricks available. Ubuntu experts: what are some of the best features of Synaptic and Add/Remove? What else should I add to this description?

VLC - The Universial Media Player

VLC (VideoLan) is a cross-platform universial media player. It supports a variety of different inputs, including DVD, VCD, MPEG, AVI, WMV, MP4, and MOV. It has full subtitle support, as well as built-in video filters. There are skins for VLC available at the developer website.

Building an attractive, usable desktop on a budget laptop

Creating a light, attractive desktop environment on a new low-end laptop using Openbox in Ubuntu is simple and offers you most of the features you need for everyday computing without much of the load that comes with GNOME or KDE.

Use dvdisaster to protect backups on optical media

Storing backups on optical media such as DVD-R discs suffers from two major drawbacks: DVD discs are easy to scratch, and the media itself degrades after a while. You can deal with the scratching issue by careful handing of the media, but even expensive media becomes unreadable over time. Dvdisaster aims to help you recover the information off scratched and aged media.

The new Face to VLC Media Player!

VLC to me is the best player for Movies, Videos, DVD's, and DiVX! Well its time for everyone to upgrade vlc because there is Multiple vulnerabilities found allowing for the execution of arbitrary code and Denial of Service. But ya know? Im glade I had to upgrade lol, vlc added a whole new face a ton of bug fixes and a few new features :) I'll show you how to install VLC in Ubuntu and setup the Nightly build VideoLan VLC Repository

Howto: Install Safari on Ubuntu with Flash! (Hulu, Youtube Works!)

Ok ive been browser hunting and seen a lot of hype about Safari browser's speed so I decided to give it a whirl, I managed to get it install with Flash and it works very well with youtube and hulu ! Here is how I got it installed, let me know how it goes if you decide to check it out!

Disk Encryption with TrueCrypt 5 on Ubuntu

TrueCrypt is a well known and trusted open source application for encryption. It allows you to create and manage an encrypted volumes that can be used seamlessly and transparently.

Subtitle manipulation tools for Linux

Subtitles may not mean much for the English-speaking part of the world, but for the rest of us, they are the difference between truly enjoying a movie or just watching the screen, trying to decipher the events. While Windows has a nice variety of tools to manipulate subtitles, Linux applications too can accomplish such tasks. From editing to ripping to converting, here is a list of some useful tools.

Ubuntu's Upstart event-based init daemon

Because the traditional System V init daemon (SysVinit) does not deal well with modern hardware, including hotplug devices, USB hard and flash drives, and network-mounted filesystems, Ubuntu replaced it with the Upstart init daemon.

Starting and Stopping GNOME from the Command Line

If you’re having a problem with GNOME, it’s easy to restart it from a terminal. A common issue you can fix is playing a 3D game that crashes and locks the mouse and keyboard.

SSHMenu - Conveniently Connect to Remote Machines From the Panel

SSHMenu is a panel applet for GNOME that allows users to connect to remote computers over SSH with a single click. As Tim explained in his suggestion e-mail:

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