Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 Release Notes Rewritten in Plain English

Ubuntu, who has made tremendous progress towards making life in Linux easier has it’s own share of problems. One of those problems is highlighted in their release notes. Ubuntu claims to be a “Linux for Human Beings,” and for the most part they actually do a good job of it. One place they fail miserably is in their release notes - they’re just too damn complicated for anyone who doesn’t know what all the different component names stand for.

[old news] 'End of Life' announcement for Ubuntu 6.10

Ubuntu announced the release of 6.10 almost 18 months ago, on October 26, 2006. As with the earlier releases, Ubuntu committed to ongoing security and critical fixes for a period of 18 months. The support period is now nearing its end and Ubuntu 6.10 will reach end of life on Friday April 25th, 2008. At that time, Ubuntu Security Notices will no longer include information or updated packages for Ubuntu 6.10.

Google Spreadsheets Form Feature is Fantastic!

Up until now, the features that have been added to Google Spreadsheets have been a bit underwhelming. There’s nothing they’ve done where I stopped and said “wow, that’s amazing or unique” until today.  Recently they implemented a form feature that will help users collect information in a poll like fashion.

Manage documents and bibliographies with Referencer

With Referencer, you can manage your collection of documents and a variety of reference files. In addition, you can also generate a BibTeX file through Referencer. Referencer is available for GNOME desktop environment.

Move Background Images Folder in GNOME

It took a time where I needed to relocate my wallpapers directory to a sub-directory and I had stalled it because I knew this would break the Gnome themes i had made. But after looking at how Gnome themes are saved this isn’t a really a big deal.

Building an attractive, usable desktop on a budget laptop

Creating a light, attractive desktop environment on a new low-end laptop using Openbox in Ubuntu is simple and offers you most of the features you need for everyday computing without much of the load that comes with GNOME or KDE.

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon: Practicalities and working with it

My trusty laptop has been trying to die for a good 12 months; bad hard drive sectors, faulty RAM and other annoying illnesses. Under Windows XP it had become massively unstable and would BSOD (blue screen of death) at regular intervals when the mood took it. I decided that it was going to be put onto Ubuntu for stability and security - hopefully getting more life out of it.

CANSECWEST couldn't break UBUNTU

"As of today, since the Vista and Ubuntu laptops are still standing unscathed, we are now opening up the scope beyond just default installed applications on those laptops"


See what happens next...

TrueCrypt 5.0 now with Linux GUI

The TrueCrypt foundation recently released TrueCrypt version 5.0, the latest version of the Open Source disk encryption software for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

5 more add-ons to make Firefox more productive

Opera and Safari both have their places on Mac and Windows but both are less extensible than Firefox is which makes that browser more useful in my opinion.  This is a continuation of our previous post “5 add-ons to make Firefox safer and faster.”  These add-ons aren’t necessarily for security reasons or to make it faster but they do enhance it in one way or another.

Faxing in OpenOffice.org

Faxes are the technology that won't die. Having become popular in the 1970s, they persist in modern business, despite being redundant and needlessly complicated. Increasingly, fax capacity has been transferred online, often via office suites. In keeping with this norm, OpenOffice.org offers everything you need to fax from within it, but you do need to do some configuration both inside and outside OpenOffice.org before you can use the office suite for faxing.

A nice little Calc spreadsheet function: SUMIF

I came across this while working with a spreadsheet that was perhaps a little too fancy to come over from Excel to OpenOffice Calc. Let's say you keep a spreadsheet full of various numbers, and they fall into about five or six categories. You have a bunch of things that are categorizable as:


Nowadays, people have a lot of media. Music, videos and photos. One application for Linux for managing a library of photos is F-Spot. I thought I would take it for a spin, under Fedora 8 and GNOME.

QEMU: A Review

What is QEMU? It's a free software "processor emulator", which means it's capable of running applications written for other systems natively on your current operating system. The QEMU virtual CPU core library is released underneath the GNU LGPL. QEMU is capable of running a guest operating system on top of your current operating system, in the same manner as applications such as VirtualBox OSE and Vmware Workstation.

Partition hard drive for Linux

Linux has a complicated hierarchy of files and folders that can be confusing right from the start when a user is trying to migrate to Linux. When asked for partition information by the installer, a user may feel uncomfortable continuing.  We’ll try to sort through some of that mess here.

Nice Open Source Fonts

Fonts have long been weak spot with Linux. However, nowadays there are many nice open source fonts available, and font rendering is pretty much on par with commercial operating systems. Most distributions do not ship with the best anti-aliasing options enabled due “software patents”. These patents apply only in United States. Rest of the world does not need to suffer due American patent madness so here is quick fix how to enable proper font rendering in Ubuntu: sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config and select Native rendering from the next screen.

Downloading Photos to Ubuntu

My use of Ubuntu so far has included a little word processing, some graphic manipulation and Internet functionality, but yesterday, I tried importing pictures from the Canon Ixus that I use.

Reload the Gnome or KDE Panels Without Restarting (Linux)

If you do a lot of tweaking to the panels in Gnome or KDE, you've probably run into an instance where you enabled a plugin or changed a setting and need to restart to see the effect (or maybe you locked something up). Instead of logging out or rebooting, we'll just reload the process.

Simple Ubuntu Desktop Backup with Backerupper

Backerupper is a simple GUI utility program to make scheduled backups of specified directories over a network. It is not intended for full system backup, but just to make archive copies of a user’s personal data.

Linux in the Mainstream: Why Does It Matter?

"Linux is an excellent alternative to Windows and, as a Unix flavor technology, competitive with other Unix offerings," Slashdot blogger yagu told LinuxInsider. "It's not for everyone, but unfortunately large numbers of users for whom Linux would be perfect don't even know what Linux is," he said.

Virus Protection With avast! Linux Home Edition On Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

This tutorial shows how you can install and use avast! Linux Home Edition on an Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon desktop. Although there aren't many Linux viruses out there, this can be useful if you often exchange files with Windows users - it can help you to not pass on any Windows viruses (that don't do any harm to Linux systems) to Windows users. avast! Linux Home Edition is free for private and non-commercial use.

Using Unpack To Convert Binary Values To Decimal

Today's post may seem like a step back for regular readers, but I like to keep this blog accessible, so I've decided to revisited the Perl unpack function to demonstrate how it can be used in one of its simplest forms on either Linux or Unix. A more advanced example can be found in our previous post on taking a look inside the wtmpx file.

Lesser-known Gnome Panel Applets can improve your desktop

The Gnome Desktop Environment comes with a set of default panel applets included. A little searching in your distribution´s repositories and on the Internet will uncover a few extra applets which are not included in the official Gnome offering, but which you may find very useful all the same. Let's take a brief look at some of them.

Track your collections with Tellico

Is there anyone who doesn't collect something? I, for instance, have a sizable collection of books. Remembering who gave me which ones, and keeping track of ones I've currently lent to friends, is a nightmarish chore. Happily, the Tellico collection manager can catalog all sorts of collections, including books, movies, games, cards, coins, comic books, and even wine.

Typography in LaTeX

In the previous article regarding writing a dissertation we omitted the problem of typography and focused chiefly on the structure of the text and its elements. With this article we will complete our course on LaTeX. Since the previous article had a lot of illustrative examples of how to use LaTeX to typeset the text, we will also employ some of these instances today.

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