Ubuntu Linux Plug ‘N Play Zone Revisited

Last month we posted a great idea “Make Your Own Plug ‘N Play Zone Using Ubuntu Linux!“, discussing and introducing the concept of a “zone” where laptop (or other) users could plug their units into and have Linux automatically installed upon boot up.spacer_gif Ubuntu Linux Plug N Play Zone Revisited

Ubuntu Desktop Training Available

The Ubuntu Desktop Training program, aimed at new users, is now available. The training provides simulations, practical exercises and information to make daily tasks easy. While prior experience with Linux is not required, basic computer skills are a pre-requisite.

Virtualization with Virt-Manager and KVM in Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu 8.04 has introduced a new option for virtualization: Virt-Manager. Using Virt-Manager, libvirt, and KVM, you can take advantage of the virtualization hardware built-in to recent CPUs.

Software animation with Pencil

Attention computer animators -- if you've ever felt limited by working in three dimensions with tools like Blender, check out Pencil, an open source, cross-platform animation app that lets you create in glorious 2-D. Pencil mimics hand-drawn animation techniques, but it's easy to use and produces high-quality output.

Features to Expect in Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

The countdown for Ubuntu 8.04 finally begins today as now there are only 9 days to go for the official launch of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. But before Ubuntu lovers get their hands on Hardy, their biggest anticipation is about the new features and applications coming in Ubuntu 8.04.

Run Windows andLinux without virtualization

Linux does everything that many users want it to, but some people have tasks that require Windows applications. You can dual-boot both operating systems, or run Windows in a virtualized environment on Linux. Alas, virtualization makes the guest OS almost useless for processor- and RAM-intensive tasks like editing videos and playing games. Now, a Ubuntu-based distro called andLinux takes cooperation with Windows to a whole new level.

Comic strip aims for a fun way to educate new Linux users

Jeremiah Gray wants to provide an interesting way to learn about Linux, so he's created a new comic strip, called Hackett and Bankwell, about the open source operating system. The strip will be published as a series of comic books that Gray hopes will appeal to new Linux users, but he says it is "more than just a comic book version of a Linux training guide."

Install Nodoka (Fedora theme) on Ubuntu

Nodoka is the new Fedora default theme for Gnome. It currently contains gtk engine, gtk theme, metacity theme and gnome meta theme .If you want to install nodoka theme in Ubuntu follow this procedure.

Canonical Announces Ubuntu Desktop Training

Canonical Ltd., the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, today announced training for corporate and home desktop users to get started with Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Desktop Training program provides simulations, practical exercises and information to make daily tasks easy. No prior knowledge of the Linux-based operating system is required, although computer literacy is a pre-requisite. The course is more effective if Ubuntu 7.10 is installed on the computer hard disk before starting.

Customize your Firefox browser with Personas

If you like to customize your applications' appearance, then Firefox themes probably haven't impressed you. Although there are hundreds of themes available, typically all they allow users to do is change the icons and background color of your browser -- not too exciting. Personas for Firefox offers a new way to customize the browser.

Educational programs in GNU/Linux

What does education have to do with Linux, or free software in general, you ask? In this article, I am going to answer this question and describe available open source educational programs for your kids.

20 major Ubuntu resources you should know about

Official distro sites:

1. Ubuntu: The main homepage for Ubuntu - the standard and most popular Ubuntu distro, using the gnome desktop environment.

Speed Up Amarok - Part 1

One of our articles was posted on Reddit (Top 10 Must Have Applications for Ubuntu.) and one user, made the following comment on:spacer_gif How to Speed Up Amarok - Part 1 “Anyone know how to speed up Amarok when trying to listen to a library on a share? My Music library is about 17,000 songs which is stored on my NAS. It takes about 10 minutes to start listening to music from start up of Amarok. I’ve switch Amarok to use MySQL instead of SQL Lite which helped a bit but [not] nearly enough.“spacer_gif How to Speed Up Amarok - Part 1

We should all flock to Flock

Yesterday I downloaded and fired up the Flock 1.1 release. What is Flock? Flock is a Firefox-based browser aimed toward the social-networking butterfly in all of us. But it’s much more than that. How much more? Let’s find out.

KDE 4: Key Improvements and User Tips

After three weeks of using KDE 4 on my laptop, I continue to find new features and changes. I am aware of the dictionary of special names that make up the back end of the new KDE -- Oxygen, Plasma, Phonon, and the rest -- but just as often as the major features, it's the little items that I find welcome as much as the large ones. Increasingly, I'm looking at KDE 4 as a statement about what a desktop should be, and contrasting it with my own ideas on the subject.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue 86

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 86 for the weeks April 6th - April 12th, 2008 is now available. In this issue we cover: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS archive freeze, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS LoCo Team CDs, Brainstorm update, Ubuntu UK Podcast #3, Euro-Parliament testing Ubuntu, and much, much more!

wesnoth: a turn-based fantasy strategy game

The free software community makes games, too. Among the more well-known ones is the Battle for Wesnoth — a turn-based strategy game with a fantasy setting. It doesn’t have shiny 3D graphics or cut-scenes, but it is an interesting and original game and is fun to play. This game is often simply called “Wesnoth”, and the package name is “wesnoth”.

10 Thunderbird add-ons I can’t live without

With moving my workload to two laptops (one for work, on OS X and one for play, on Linux), you invariably have issues with being as productive as you should be in the software that you use. I dumped Apple Mail.app after about 2 weeks of solid usage (more on that, at another time), for Mozilla Thunderbird. It isn’t free of warts, but with the excellent plug-in architecture, it surely helps. Here are some plug-ins (add-ons in Mozilla speak) I can’t live without.

Top Linux BitTorrent Clients For Ubuntu

I use BitTorrent for downloading music, movies and linux distro's. Back in the day bitTorrent didnt exist and I relied on bbs and ftp, these are two direct, centrally located ways that I shared files in the past. I also have played around with XDCC's on irc, gnutella, which most people know as limewire.

AstroMenace 1.2 - Real Gaming in Linux

While changing to a great OS like Ubuntu , I had to make some sacrifices , one of them being : less gaming. I'm not seeing I ended my gamer " career" , buy i start to look for smaller web games , or testing the big LINUX games that everybody was talking about. ( Tremoulos,Quake Wars,Nexuiz,Battle For Wesnoth). But until recently my gaming experience was not fulfilled. The graphics was poor, the sounds were not even interesting and overall the games sucked big time.

Crack Pdf Files with Ubuntu Linux

Don't you hate when you run into a locked down pdf on the web? I search google all the time for title filetype:pdf and some are locked, this is the solution! PDFCrack is a GNU/Linux (other POSIX-compatible systems should work too) tool for recovering passwords and content from PDF-files. It is small, command line driven without external dependencies. The application is Open Source (GPL).

Latest KDE 4.0.3 Package Brings Much Needed Graphics UI Improvements

After fetching the latest updates for KDE 4.0.3 packages for my openSUSE 10.3 distribution, I noticed quite a few graphics improvements that was expecting for some time now. Apart from graphics improvements, there are also quite a lot bug fixes. Following are few screenshots:

Customizing SSH client

SSH is great. There is so many thing you can do with it other than just a remote secure shell like X forwarding, port forwarding, authenticate using a private/public key, compress the transmitted stream....

Compiz is Cool – and Why That Matters

One of the most vexed questions within the open source world is when, if ever, GNU/Linux will take off on the desktop. Strangely, this isn't really about capabilities: as someone who has Ubuntu running on both of his main systems, I can attest to the fact that GNU/Linux is not just usable, it's a downright pleasure to use. In fact, I constantly marvel at how transparent open source has become: most of the time I'm simply not aware that I'm using it – it just works.

Run Internet Explorer In Ubuntu Linux

Are you a web designer who runs Linux but needs to test websites using Internet Explorer? Maybe you are an “average” computer user who wants to switch to Linux but still has a few sites that only work in IE. Whatever the case is, if you need to run Internet Explorer in Linux try using IEs 4 Linux.

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