Ubuntu Tweak 0.3.0 released!

There’s a long time since the 0.2.10’s release. Now I’m proud to announce the first release of Ubuntu Tweak 0.3 series: Ubuntu Tweak 0.3.0 is coming!

Ubuntu Open Week: Day Three

People attending day three of Ubuntu Open Week were treated to a full day of of some of the most diverse sessions yet. From a Q & A session featuring Community Manager Jono Bacon, to a look at how to produce podcasts in Ubuntu, there were all sorts of cool things to learn about during the course of another busy day at the online conference.

Free Ubuntu softwares that are good alternatives to Mac OS X’s

Ubuntu offers a number of open source alternatives for users migrating from Mac OS X who use Apple’s iLife suite.

Hardy Heron: Europa gets an upgrade

I let the dust settle a bit after Ubuntu 8.04's initial release last week before making any decision about upgrading europa. Europa was running Ubuntu 7.10, but Sunday I went on ahead and upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04. I did this not because I've changed my mind about Ubuntu, so much as I had a morbid curiosity about how it would work after an upgrade.

KnowledgeTree business model hits many a niche

These days, effective document management means accessibility from anywhere on the planet, electronic storage, reliable backup, and instant document modification updates. KnowledgeTree offers all that and more. It's available in several editions, including an open source community version (which we reviewed last year) that businesses can tailor to their individual needs.

Ubuntu Brainstorm: What's next?

Hardy Heron has barely been released a few days ago that it's already time to focus on the Intrepid Ibex! And the first thing to do in a development cycle is... to choose what to do! That's the moment where the most promoted ideas at Brainstorm will be looked at.

VMware Server On Ubuntu 8.04 Mini-Howto

When upgrading from Ubuntu 7.10 to 8.04 my VMware server stopped working, this what I had to do to get it up and running:

Sync your documentos with Linux, Windows and Ulteo

I have received an email from Ulteo yesterday, and they are good news, now using your Ulteo account, you can sync your documents between your office, your home, and any other PC (even a work with them at a public PC).

Automatically watching Web sites for changes

If you want to be notified when and how a Web site has changed, you can turn to either netstiff or urlwatch to keep and eye on things for you. Both of these tools monitor Web sites for changes and allow you to see a diff-like output of exactly what has changed. You can also use netstiff to monitor FTP sites for changes.

Install Extra GNOME Themes

Looking for some Ubuntu themes? The GNOME themes extras package provides two excellent themes and some popular icon themes.

Trying to Make Sense of Disappointment in Hardy Heron

Ubuntu’s latest and greatest distro is out and the early reviews are in. Some are glowing, some are luke warm and a few are hostile. Since this is an LTS release Canonical has much riding on Hardy. With that in mind, I am trying to make sense of what there is to dislike in Hardy.

Fix the Ubuntu Clipboard Problem

In Ubuntu, there is an infamous issue with the Gnome clipboard manager. (Actually, it’s not even decent enough to be called a “clipboard manager.”) Many people face extremely annoying problems of losing data when copying and pasting, especially when the copied source is closed. Ironically, this problem has not been fixed in the recently released 8.04 Hardy Heron.

Opera gears up for new browser performance with latest beta

Browser company Opera is preparing its star of the browser stage for its latest performance: Opera 9.5 Beta 2. Is Opera’s latest beta... better?

The Perfect Desktop - Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron)

This document describes step by step how to set up a Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) desktop. The result is a fast, secure and extendable system that provides all you need for daily work and entertainment.

Step by Step: Flex Builder on Ubuntu 8.04

Last week Ubuntu 8.04 was released, and I have got to say, I am impressed. I've been dabbling with Linux for nearly a decade, and this is the first time I've ever had it work 100% out-of-the-box without having to track down any additional drivers. Graphics card, network, etc... The installation was simple. Of course, once the OS was installed, my next logical step was to get Flex Builder for Linux working on it. Here's a step-by-step guide to what I did to get Flex Builder working on there.

Web Based Project Management With Collabtive On Ubuntu 7.10 Server

Project management is becoming an increasingly important part of the Sys Admin's life. While Microsoft Project seems to be the standard project management tool used in most environments that I have worked in, it can sometimes be nice to have such tools web based so that multiple users can share information. This is where tools such as Collabtive come in.  Collabtive is a web based project management tool that supports everything that you need to plan out and complete your projects.

Ubuntu 8.04 - How to Setup the World Clock Applet?

Ubuntu Hardy Heron sports an improved system clocks applet that now supports viewing of time in multiple locations. Further, the clock applet on Ubuntu 8.04 can also give you Weather details about the location. This new feature may come really handy for some users that work with distant bosses who’re in a different timezone.

Ubuntu Open Week

Seen yesterday in #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net:

[16:05] <jono> the aim of Ubuntu Open Week is to produce a week of interesting and informative IRC sessions explaining how to get involved in the Ubuntu community

U ROCK! Thank you for Hardy 8.04

I came across this rather cool image whilst reading a post on Planet Ubuntu by Nicolas Valcarcel.

Ubuntu 8.04 feature tour

I've been working with Ubuntu 8.04 in my spare time over the past weekend, and I'm definitely going to be reviewing it sometime soon. (I don't know how or why I let so much time slip by, but the last time I reviewed an Ubuntu distribution was almost three years ago [!!!] with version 5.04.)

Jono Bacon: Ubuntu Open Week is here!

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, its here again - the glorious joy that is Ubuntu Open Week. Ubuntu Open Week is a week of IRC tutorial sessions that span a range of different topics and areas about how to contribute to Ubuntu. It is an excellent opportunity to learn how to get involved in the Ubuntu community.

Tasque - a simple todo list application for GNOME

Keeping organised can be tough sometimes and there are lots of different applications and tools designed to help you get organised. Tasque is designed to be a very simple todo list application, designed specifically to link in with popular online todo service Remember The Milk.

Programming Linux Games: The Anatomy of a Game

In 1991 a Finnish university student named Linus Torvalds began working on a new operating system in his spare time. He didn’t work in isolation, nor did hemake a big deal about what he was doing; rather, he modestly invitedprogrammers from all over the world to join his project, which he dubbed “Linux.” This loosely knit team of students, professionals, and hobbyistscollaborated through the Internet, with the expectation of learning a bit about programming and having a good time. Linus never thought that his project would spawn an entire industry.

Girls Love Linux

If you think that Linux is only "for the boys", then think again. Did you know that there are women-oriented Linux communities that are created to provide both technical and social support for women Linux users? The most well known among them is called LinuxChix, and I’m not kidding. To know more about LinuxChix, I have collected some interesting facts about them so read on.

Interview: Kenneth Wimer of the Ubuntu Art Team

The style of Ubuntu releases has varied throughout the releases, with some differing radically from others and the rest continuing to build the style. But where do all of the art and style ideas come from? We talked with Kenneth Wimer of the Ubuntu Art Team to find out.

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