Korn -- an extended shell

Everyone knows what a Linux shell is -- you open up a Linux terminal window (such as Konsole or xterm), type in some commands, and there you are, using your Linux shell. Write your commands to a file, make it executable, run it, and you're a shell programmer. But did you know that there are different shells that you can use, and that each shell operates in a slightly different way? My personal favorite is the Korn shell; by the end of this article, it may be your favorite as well.

Creating Seamless Virtual Machine with Virtualbox 1.6

Virtualbox 1.6, which was released in May 2, was the first major release since Sun took over virtualbox. All I can say is Wow!! This is perhaps the single biggest, most important open source release which will change the face of how computers are used for years to come. Hell this is even bigger than the release of hardy heron (IMO), and Ubuntu 8.04 LTS was a very important release.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue 89

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 89 for the weeks April 27th - May 3rd, 2008 is now available. In this issue we cover: Ubuntu Open Week, Intrepid Ibex: Open for Business, FLISOL Nicaragua 2008, Launchpad 1.2.4, gNewSense release of DeltaH(based on Hardy Heron), Fox New Responds to Linux Community, Ubuntu 8.04 vs. Windows Vista Power Usage, Interview with Donald Knuth, and much, much more!

Selling My Boss On Ubuntu

Here’s how I educated my boss about Ubuntu Linux, and convinced him to make the move. Story is posted on Works With U, the independent guide to Ubuntu.

The Platinum Top 10 Wine Game List

Im not a big fan of wine games but I thought I would share the progress of the wine developers in getting these hot games to work with it. I am still hoping gaming developers create linux clients for these games, leave direct x and start using opengl... Here is the current top 10 platinum wine games.

Funny Side of Linux

In all seriousness of being a linux user we sometimes forget the fun side of it all, here is an attempt to capture some of it.

Set up Hardy for speed, v1.0

This is version 1.0 of “Howto: Set up Hardy for speed.” This guide is a collection of tips and tweaks for Ubuntu Linux 8.04. The content comes from tutorials and speed suggestions found on the Ubuntu Forums and elsewhere. The material has been collated and narrated, and arranged with links to external resources or supplemental information.

Install (GTA) Grand Theft Auto Vice City with wine in Ubuntu Hardy Heron!

Did you know GTA Vice City works in wine? The other day I was bored... really bored... So I decided to download GTA and get it working in wine, and to my suprise it was too freakn simple. All I did was Download GTA Vice City apply no-cd-cracked.exe and started it up. Has anyone else had any great successes in getting hot games working in wine? Please let me know and let us all know how you got it to work. Here is how I got GTA Vice City working...

Install Firefox 2 in Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron has been giving me a good time lately except for the web browsing experience. Firefox 3 beta 5 is included in Ubuntu 8.04 final as the default web Browser even though its not stable. Above all, its not even compatible with Wordpress 2.5 and will keep bugging you now and then with new problems.

What Linux distribution to chose?

Lots of people today are bored from Microsoft OS, so they want to change it. Most of them want to chose Linux, but isn’t so easy. In this moment Linux is on his best way to make “Linux World” where all computer users will use Linux OS. That is because today we have more 100 distributions.

Filesystem Basics

This article explains basic commands for navigation within Linux file system. The diagram below represents (part of) a Linux file system. A line from one node to a node on its right indicates containment. For example, the student directory is contained within the home directory.

Puppy Linux 4.00 Released

Other than Ubuntu, Puppy Linux is probably the only Linux distribution I follow. I have been a Puppy fanboy [yeah, I do not mind admitting it!] for a long time, so I was thrilled to read about the latest release, version 4.00.

Eee PC: Easy Enough for a Kid

Works With U, a new website that covers Linux and Ubuntu non-stop, has a quick story about the Asus Eee PC. Blogger Joe Panettieri says the Eee PC is easy for a kid to master in only a few minutes.

LoCo Team Advocacy Success Story

You may have already read about it, heck you may have already heard it yourself! The Minnesota (USA) LoCo team went about contacting local media outlets and agencies to inform them about the recent Ubuntu 8.04 release, the Loco Team’s release party, and the exciting possibilities of using an open source operating system.

My Top 5 Linux Tricks

5. X11 Forwarding:

Did you know that you can run graphical X11 programs remotely, without using a program like remote desktop? This is really useful if you are a university student, and you need to run MatLAB, or any other X11 program, but you don’t have time to run to the Uni.

Getting Totem’s MythTV plugin to work

One of the new features of Gnome 2.22 is the fact that Totem now has a plugin to access your MythTV programs. I installed the plugin and found myself wondering what to do next. I checked on Google for totem mythtv and didn’t find anything until today when Google finally got around to indexing a forum post about it on the Ubuntu Forums. I followed the directions about editing Gconf and had success!

Loop Movie, Video, and Display Screensaver as Desktop Wallpaper in Ubuntu

Want to loop a video clip or movie on your desktop? I did and found a nice little tool that does just that. First lets grab some essential building libraries via the terminal: Applications->Accessories->Terminal:

Fixing the OpenOffice.org grammar glitch in Ubuntu Hardy

Last year Nanci posted that there were grammar checking tools for OpenOffice.org, the wonderful open source office suite, that takes care of one of the most glaring omissions and deal breakers in people looking for a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office. Unfortunately there seems to be a bit of a glitch with it in Ubuntu Hardy. Luckily there is an easy way to fix it.

Bringing your photos from F-Spot to the Web

F-Spot is a graphical photo manager that allows you to tag your image files and search and view images based on those tags. With phpfspot, you can share the photo collection you manage with F-Spot with others through a Web interface and let them navigate through your photos using the tags you have set up.

Set up a serial console on Ubuntu

This tutorial will go over the steps to go through in order to set up a serial console on Ubuntu Linux. Unlike most other distros, Ubuntu uses upstart instead of sysvinit and as such, there is a few differences between most of the tutorial that you might find on the internet regarding how to set up a serial console.

Ubuntu equivalents to programs of Windows or Mac

I was searching for Ubuntu softwares from Community Ubuntu Documentation. I found this very helpful doc for all Ubuntu users. It list the best open-source applications available and supported for Ubuntu for new Linux users to explore. Programs are compared to corresponding Windows or Mac program. Other software list are need to be verified in the repositories.

Ubuntu 8.10 Release Schedule

You can find the release schedule of Ubuntu 8.10, The Intrepid Ibex, here.

Sun xVM VirtualBox 1.60 Just Released for Ubuntu Hardy Heron and other Os's!

Sun xVM VirtualBox software is the world's most popular open source virtualization platform because of its fast performance, ease of use, rich functionality, and modular design.

VirtualBox 1.6 is a major update, incorporating over 2000 improvements. Among the highlights:

* The new Sun livery
* Solaris and Mac versions no longer in beta
* Guest Additions for Solaris
* Seamless windowing for Solaris and Linux guests
* SATA support for up to 32 hard disks per VM (first product in the industry to do SATA!)
* PAE support for guests (memory model required by some server OSes)
* Web Services API for remote management
* Significant improvements to scalability

Ubuntu: A Future Social OS?

Like many people, I downloaded and installed the new Ubuntu Hardy Heron release last week. While I was installing my favorite applications and getting everything configured, I realized something: Ubuntu could end up actually delivering on the oft-written about and dreamed of "Web operating system" concept. Many people have opined on this general topic, but it's actually a very difficult challenge to deliver and champion such a product. I'm betting that Canonical, the company that delivers Ubuntu, is capable of coming through.

Installing and tracking software updates with toast

Using toast takes the burden out of building, installing, and keeping track of software built from source. You can use toast to build and maintain software installed in your /home directory as a regular user, or to set up software for all users in /usr/local. toast can obtain packages over HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and via SSH and CVS. It can handle most archive formats, as well as .rpm and .deb packages.

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