Introducing Funpidgin, a pidgin alternative!

This morning I stumbled to a good /. article:

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter - Issue 90

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 90 for the weeks May 4th - May 10th, 2008 is now available. In this issue we cover: Ubuntu Brainstorm Growing, Ubuntu Finland receives award from Finland’s Minister of Communications, Ubuntu Featured on Italian TV, submit questions for Launchpad podcast, Forums News and Interviews, Ubuntu UK Podcast Episode 5, and much more.

5 Excellent Ways to Waste Time Online

The greatest luxury of our time is time itself. Thus it’s a deadly sin to simply waste it. As we all know time is relative and the more fun you have, the faster time passes. Being bored is the most cruel way to waste time. So, in our quest to happiness, I advise you never to be bored, always be occupied and busy, and most of all, enjoy what you’re doing!

Encrypted Ubuntu 8.04

Data encryption is one of the best methods to protect your sensitive files, especially if you own a laptop. Unfortunately, on the Ubuntu operating system, it's only available in the text mode installer. But that's why this guide is here, to help you install a fully encrypted Ubuntu OS on your computer. The whole process is completely safe and it is recommended to be used by anyone out there who wants to protect his/her sensitive data. To break it down to you: No more living in fear! Your data will NOT be stolen anymore!

A full Hardy Heron Review

The Good: It's fast.
Hardy Heron is a fast, exceptionally stable operating system. It is a significant step up from Windows XP and better than Vista when it comes to efficiently using resources, and frankly, ease of use.

Command-Line Alternatives in Ubuntu Linux

Computer working environments are pretty similar to the species on this planet. One can see ancient species, that have survived millions of years, living along some fairly-recent ones like humans. The ancient of working environments would be the famed CLI (Command Line Interface) that uses typed text to communicate with the computer, while the modern, today, is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) where there are buttons, windows, mouse pointers and clicks.

The Art of Release

An update on the long term plans for Ubuntu release management. 8.04 LTS represented a very significant step forward in our release management thinking. To the best of my knowledge there has never been an “enterprise platform” release delivered exactly on schedule, to the day, in any proprietary or Linux OS. Not only did it [...]

Connect to Zoho Writer and Google Docs with OoGdocsIntegrator

Do you fancy Web-based word processors but aren't ready to leave You can work with your Zoho Writer and Google Docs files from the convenience of Writer, courtesy of the OoGdocsIntegrator extension.

Darkness Returns GTK+ Theme

It occurred to me this morning that I have been using the same GTK+ theme for a couple months. I consider this fact to be a result; I have comfortably settled into using a theme and I had not fully realised it, that has to be a good sign!

Restart Ubuntu Linux safely when it is frozen or locked up!

If anyone faces a freeze with Ubuntu where you cannot do anything, then this will certainly be helpful if you want to reboot the OS as cleanly as possible without damaging their HDD's or losing their data.

What to expect from Ubuntu 8.10

With the release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron now behind us, most eyes are turned to October when Intrepid Ibex, or Ubuntu Linux 8.10, will make its debut. While Hardy Heron was designed to be stable enough to be a long-term support release, Intrepid Ibex promises to be packed with more exciting features, something that Ubuntu fans always enjoy.

AbiWord - an Alternative Word Processor is generally considered the flagship of productivity programs in the open source world, but it’s not the only choice for many standard productivity tasks you need to get done from day to day.

Firefox 3 Release Candiate 1 Code Complete!

Thanks to all the hard work of the Mozilla community as of 9:15 AM PDT today we are code complete for Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 (RC1). New nightly builds are available - if you are a nightly tester/Minefield user you can help test these builds by selecting “Check for Updates” from your help menu.

Howto: Use arpspoof, webmitm, and ssldump to effectively sniff passwords and other info via https connections on the lan/wlan with Ubuntu Linux!

Let me show you how easy it is to sniff someone elses password/cookies via ssl/https on the lan/wlan with ubuntu linux.

We will be using Arp Spoofing/Poisoning for this attack, if you have problems with this howto, there is an alternate with ettercap here that may be a bit easier

kteatime - Small tray utility which reminds you of steeping tea

For some people coffee seems to be the only liquid they drink in front of their workstation. But for those who enjoy a cup of tea once in a while, kteatime may be a neat little helper.

Torrent Applications on Ubuntu

Hello everybody! As I mentioned in my previous article that I have now mostly moved to Ubuntu, today I will elaborate and discuss a bit on my experience of the transition from Windows to Ubuntu and I’ll be targeting Torrent Applications specifically.

Stop Flash From Locking System Audio

I’ve found that loading a Flash applet in Firefox will cause Firefox to lock my whole system’s audio playback. Audio and video in Totem don’t even start to play when this happens. Until Firefox is closed, the only application that can play audio is Flash.

Conduit - synchronize Your data in Easy Way

Conduit is a synchronization solution for GNOME which allows the user to take their emails, files, bookmarks, and any other type of personal information and synchronize that data with another computer, an online service, or even another electronic device.

Installing Joomla in ubuntu (tutorial)

Installing Joomla at ubuntu.

Ubuntu Open Week unites community and developers

What's the next best thing for Linux users who can't attend an open source community conference in person? Online workshops like last week's Ubuntu Open Week, where upwards of 300 participants per session showed up to learn more about the popular Linux distribution, the community, and its teams.

Ubuntu (Hardy) tutorial: embed terminal into your desktop

A tutorial to embed a terminal into your desktop in Ubuntu Hardy using Compiz

Wine project announces first release candidate

The Wine project has announced the first release candidate for Wine, the free Windows API for Unix/Unix-like systems (and even non-unix systems like MS Windows itself and ReactOS). The Wine project started in 1993, which makes this release candidate 15 years in the making.

Unison - file synchronization tool

Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propagating the changes in each replica to the other.

Howto: Restart Ubuntu Linux safely when it is frozen or locked up!

If anyone faces a freeze with Ubuntu where you cannot do anything, then this will certainly be helpful if you want to reboot the OS as cleanly as possible without damaging their HDD's or losing their data.

The best and worst docks for Ubuntu

Docks became popular when Mac began using them in their operating system. But these days docks are available on all platforms. So which ones should you avoid and which ones should you use?

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