Valve Release Portal Beta For Linux

Steam for Linux users rejoice! Valve has released a Portal Beta for Linux on Steam

Valve, the company behind Steam and several games on the platform, has released a beta version of their critically acclaimed, physics-based puzzler, Portal, for Linux.

Ubuntu 13.10 will be called "Saucy Salamander", Release Schedule Announced, Development Commences

Ubuntu 13.04 has already been up and running with a number of very cosmetic changes. And we've been covering every detail of the release over the past 6 months. Now it's time for another major Ubuntu release cycle.

Desktop Email App Inky Coming to Linux ‘Soon’

S06E10 – Dances with Ubuntu

We’re back with the tenth episode of Season Six of the Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo Team! Alan PopeMark JohnsonTony Whitmore

How to install Pepper Flash for Chromium Web browser on Ubuntu GNU/Linux

This repository provides the pepflashplugin-installer package, which will download and install the newer "Pepper" (PPAPI) version of the Adobe Flash Player plugin for use with the Chromium Web browser on Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

Enhanced Previews, Scope Toggles Added to Unity Testing PPA

Enhanced Previews, Scope Toggles Added to Unity Testing PPA

Download Lightworks Linux Public Beta [Professional Video Editor]

Lightworks, a professional video editing and mastering software, is finally available for Linux, as a public beta.

Install Pepper Flash Player For Chromium In Ubuntu Via PPA

As you probably know, the latest Adobe Flash Player versions are available on Linux only through Google Chrome, while other browsers are stuck with version 11.2.

Liquid Prompt: An Adaptive Prompt For Bash Or Zsh

Liquid Prompt is an adaptive, smart prompt for Bash and Zsh. It can display various useful information on the shell prompt, only when it's needed, like the battery status when it's discharging over a given threshold, an up arrow if using an HTTP proxy, the number of detached sessions  (screen or tmux) and more.

Lightworks for Linux Public Beta Available for Download

A public beta of Lightworks, the professional-grade video editor from Editshare, is now officially available for download.

Why Did Geary’s Fundraiser Fail?

Geary E-Mail App Running on Ubuntu 13.04

How to install Unity Tweak tool in ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)

Unity Tweak Tool is a settings manager for the Unity desktop. It provides users with a fast, simple and easy-to-use interface with which to access many useful and little known features and settings of the desktop environment that one may want to configure.


Configurable NotifyOSD Updated For Ubuntu 13.04

Quick update for Ubuntu 13.04 users: Leolik has updated the patched / configurable NotifyOSD that he maintains, to work with Ubuntu 13.04.

Bumblebee 3.2.1 Released With Ubuntu 13.04 Fixes, New Options

Bumblebee 3.2 has been released a few days ago but there was an issue and it didn't work on a lot of setups o version 3.2.1 has been released to fix this.

See What`s New In Kubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)

Kubuntu 13.04, the KDE-based Ubuntu flavor, has been released yesterday. Let's take a quick look at what's new.

Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser Plugin 0.8 Released

CoverArt Browser, a Rhythmbox plugin that lets you browse and play music using an album art view, has been updated to version 0.8 recently, getting improvements such as option to export embedded cover art in the album tracks, new light and dark icon theme and more.

Xubuntu 13.04 Available For Download - Quick Overview [Screenshots, Video]

Xubuntu 13.04 has been released yesterday, along with the other Ubuntu flavors. Xubuntu uses Xfce as the default desktop environment and is a great alternative for those who prefer a traditional desktop layout with a panel on top, panel applets and so on.

Hotshots – Screenshot tool with some editing features

Hotshots is a screenshot tool with some editing features. It is particularly suitable for writing documentation (as used in the following chapters) but you can use it to highlight some details on a map image or what ever you want.

Because HotShots is written with Qt, it runs on Windows and Linux (MacOSX isn't tested yet).


Press Reaction to Ubuntu 13.04 Is a Muted, “Meh” Affair

Ubuntu 13.04 was released last week – but, unusually, to muted and minimal press coverage compared to previous releases.

Is This The Coolest Ubuntu PC Ever Built?

German hardware company Cirrus7 are gearing up to release a new Ubuntu-powered PC.

The aluminium-cased Cirrus7 Nimbus is tiny, measuring just 22cm x 22cm with a height a smidge over 5cm.

How To Upgrade to GNOME 3.8 in Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu 13.04 ships with an older version of the GNOME desktop in its archives. This is great for GNOME-fans wanting stability, less great for those wanting to try the latest release.

Left 4 Dead 2 beta Coming to Linux Next Week!

Long before the official arrival of Steam for Linux client, we had a report revealing Valve's ambitious plans which also included a Linux port of their popular title Left 4 Dead 2 aka L4D2 (further read: 20 most exciting Linux games for 2012).

Next version of ubuntu named as saucy salamander (Ubuntu 13.10)

Congratulations and thanks to the entire extended Ubuntu community for today’s release of Ubuntu 13.04, the Raring Ringtail. Feedback over the past few months on raring has been fantastic – pretty much universal recognition of the performance and quality initiatives Rick’s team have lead and which have been embraced across the platform and the community.


Get More Out of Ubuntu 13.04 With These Awesome Apps

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