Zend Studio weds Eclipse

With today's release of Zend Studio for Eclipse, Zend has made Zend Studio, which we reviewed last year, even better. This release of Zend Studio introduces a number of terrific features and as a whole provides you with the most feature-rich release of Zend Studio to date. One of the notable features is Zend's use of the Eclipse as the base platform.

Eclipse is by default a Java IDE, but should be looked at more like a platform or framework. Primarily written in Java and used by more than 2 million developers, Eclipse allows developers to expand functionality with plugins and modules that provide functions such as syntax highlighting, code completion for other programming languages, and integration with Subversion or CVS. By using Eclipse, you can use Zend Studio when developing PHP pages, then quickly switch perspectives to Aptana to work on JavaScript and AJAX or to RadRails for a Ruby on Rails project.