Yet Another Useful Feature in Ubuntu…Whois Search!

Yeah, you can perform an actual Whois Search for that domain name you’ve been wanting or to look up who owns that one whose site you’re browsing. All from your Ubuntu Desktop!

This can be a particularly good thing these days especially in light of the recent happenings with Network Solutions and their domain tasting stories like this one from Dave Zan in which he says:

Over the past 3 years or so, there have been reports from many people wherein they use a registrar’s domain availability search, don’t register the domain name on the spot for whatever reason, and find it taken before they get around to it. A common observation is some of them are released after 120 hours, creating the speculation it’s because of domain tasting.

This can be frustrating when you think you’ve got that perfect domain name in mind for your business or personal site and the registrar’s web site you used to check it’s availability scoops it up before you’ve decided to grab it yourself.

So, what to do?