Wine-Doors for Linux Reviewed

I have been using Wine (WINE) or various implementations of it (Crossover Office and Cedega) for a few years now. What is funny is that I often had more success with Wine proper than I did with the various offshoot products. Go figure! So when I learned this issue...

Quote : "Wine is still under development, and it is not yet suitable for general use. "

...has finally been addressed, I was thrilled. Enter Wine-Doors .

I’m Playing Shockwave Games Easily On My Linux Box! I have tried endless times to successfully play Shockwave games via various Wine releases. As luck would have it, I’ve always had more success with Wine proper than with Crossover Office, but thanks to Wine-Doors, I was able to select Firefox 2.0 for Windows, install it, install Shockwave and unlike every time previously, it worked and worked well. This may be attributed to a new release of Wine itself, I could not tell you. But having amazing access to applications is a click-n’-drool installation format is going to make a lot of Linux users very happy.