Why try another Linux distro?

I've been a full-fledged Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon user for more than a week now, I'm completely off Microsoft Windows and I couldn't be happier. For some reason, however, I keep getting emails and posts urging me to try other supposedly superior Linux distributions for newbies - PCLinuxOS and SimplyMEPIS, among others. Intrigued, I have decided to check this out for myself. Is Ubuntu the best or merely the best backed distro?

In the past couple of years, Ubuntu has risen above the pack to the point where it is has now virtually attained the status of "great white hope" of Linux desktops in the battle against Microsoft Windows. Ubuntu is easily the most high profile distribution, backed by Canonical, the company owned by billionaire Mark Shuttleworth and the distro chosen by Dell for its new Linux desktops and notebooks.


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Why Ubuntu

Why I chose Ubuntu has some to do with looks but mostly it had to do with how the live CD worked on my Inspiron 500m and with my Netgear Wireless card. But mostly it had to do with this from their website"

"Ubuntu is designed with security in mind. You get free security updates for at least 18 months on the desktop and server. With the Long Term Support (LTS) version you get three years support on the desktop, and five years on the server. There is no extra fee for the LTS version, we make our very best work available to everyone on the same free terms. Upgrades to new versions of Ubuntu are and always will be free"

I know alot of distro's doing some level of this but the libraries that the Ubuntu team is supporting is vast and shows a needed focus on security.

That would be the first thing I look for.


So you're using Dapper

So you're using Dapper Drake, the LTS release?

I have tried many Distros

I have tried many Distros over the last 2 years for one reason only. I can!! There are 2 I like alot Ubuntu, and Foresight. I like the idea of a rolling release and the latest software but I can never get my wireless card to work in  Foresight.