Web Based Project Management With Collabtive On Ubuntu 7.10 Server

Project management is becoming an increasingly important part of the Sys Admin's life. While Microsoft Project seems to be the standard project management tool used in most environments that I have worked in, it can sometimes be nice to have such tools web based so that multiple users can share information. This is where tools such as Collabtive come in.  Collabtive is a web based project management tool that supports everything that you need to plan out and complete your projects.

These tools include milestones, time tracking, tasks and task lists, all presented in a multi language environment.  Currently German, English and French are all supported.  The web interface itself is intuitive, functional and attractive all at the same time.  You can see for yourself though at their online demo - Collabtive online demo.

If after having tried the demo, you decide that this is the right tool for you, then this guide should help you to implement Collabtive on your own Ubuntu 7.10 server. This guide is based on the base LAMP install that comes packaged with Ubuntu 7.10 server, but should work equally as well on any Ubuntu LAMP server.  The installation is fairly straight forward, so let's begin.