Wanted: Moderators for Ubuntu Brainstorm!

As you may have heard, the next version of Ubuntu Brainstorm (which can be seen at http://devel.ideatorrent.org/) will come around October. One of the main targets of this update will be to enhance the ideas quality.
As such, one of the upcoming features will be the Idea sandbox, an area where new ideas will be reviewed by moderators before going mainstream.

Want to help? Join Ubuntu Brainstorm as a moderator!
Only a few minutes per day is necessary. Anyone can join, just send a mail on this launchpad team mailing list: https://launchpad.net/~brainstorm-moderators. (EDIT: Please send a mail to the team mailing list before applying to the team!)

Your job will be to review ideas in the Idea sandbox, to help authors to structure them, and to approve/reject them. Once an idea gets a given number of approvals, the idea will go mainstream. You will also be able to edit ideas, to improve idea quality.
If you had some significant previous moderation experience, you will be granted additional moderators tools.

Interested but not sure? Join #ubuntu-brainstorm on IRC!