Wall Street Journal’s Mossberg Gives Ubuntu a Look

Yes, The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg is an influential guy. He can make-or-break products with his columns and product reviews. And he has taken a look at Ubuntu.

Before you slam Walt for pointing out Ubuntu’s potential weak points, I think the Ubuntu community has to take a deep breath and admit the Walt has some valid points.


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Mossberg has one thing right. The open source community has an "imperfect" 

feel for the needs of the average user. Come on guys, why can't the open source

community start making an OS for their mothers. They don't need to solve the driver

issues, they just need to stop encouraging people to use the command line and make 

GUI's for everything. Once the little annoyances are solved then the Manufacturers will

take notice and start opening their drivers. 

Linux and community still needs to get more user friendly..

I too agree with the comments above. The Linux community still behaves like the OS users must know a lot of technical aspects. 

Most of the help that is general around assumes that a general user knows all about command line, config files, etc. For a user who is either new to computers or too busy to learn, these types of help is just of no use. Even to solve a simple issue it takes about an hour's reading.