Using mouse gestures across Linux

My first brush with mouse gestures on the Opera browser was an accident, but the ability to quickly move backward or forward in the browser history, open new windows, close tabs, and more without using the menus or moving the mouse toward the navigation toolbar won me over immediately. Nowadays, this feature is available in Firefox and Konqueror too, and you can even configure mouse gestures for GNOME and KDE desktop environments.

Mouse gestures, in essence, are similar to keyboard shortcuts. With mouse gestures, you can assign regular tasks to drawn mouse patterns. For example, clicking and dragging the mouse to the left can move you to the page you were previously browsing.

To use mouse gestures in Konqueror, open the Control Center and select Accessibility, then click Input Actions. From here you can configure keyboard and mouse hotkeys. There are several default keyboard shortcuts that you can browse through under Examples. Under Konqueror Gestures, uncheck the Disable check-box to the right of the window.