Use Kaffeine to receive free-to-air TV on your Linux box

Free-to-air (FTA) ethnic television in a variety of languages beamed from satellite straight to your Linux PC? No problem -- here's how.

FTA provides programming that is quite different from the channels beamed by the regular commercial providers. Looking for the latest news from Germany or Spain or Greece? How about a program describing the Canary Islands, the news from Radio France International in Portuguese, or a channel from Argentina dedicated to the tango? Students of languages or Latin American studies, expatriates seeking the flavor of their homeland, people interested in a world news perspective -- all can find interesting programs on FTA at no subscription cost.

Satellite viewing on a PC offers some interesting advantages. Favorite channels are a mouse click away, and a powerful PC makes a fast TV recorder, can decode Dolby AC-3 audio signals on the fly, or play DVD and CD disks. PCs can also receive standard or high-definition terrestrial broadcasting with the right adapter card. When a better technology comes along, you just upgrade your card, not the whole TV.