Urban Terror FPS is as realistic as today's headlines

Over the past two years, I've reviewed free software first-person shooters including Tremulous, Alien Arena, and Nexuiz -- all top-notch games. Now we can add Urban Terror to that list. While the first three sport other-worldly, sci-fi-style opponents, Urban Terror goes for realistic opponents -- as realistic as today's headlines. You're fighting terrorists in Algiers and other locations around the globe, and you're using realistic weaponry to do it.

Urban Terror 4.1 is a cross-platform -- Mac, Windows, and Linux -- free software game developed and maintained by Frozen Sand, LLC. Earlier versions of the game required a copy of Quake III in order to play, but the game now runs on a modified version of the free ioquake3 engine. To get started, download the Urban Terror ZIP file, unzip it, and execute the appropriate binary in the Urban Terror directory that you created as you decompressed the downloaded file. 


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Urban Terror not free software

Urban Terror is not free software or open source. The game code is still closed and proprietary along with the assets.