Unpacking the Ubuntu Linux CD’s

Today I have received this wonderful envelope from Canonical LTD with two Ubuntu 7.10 CD’s inside. One for the 32-bit computer and the other for the 64-bit computer. Although by now I have already installed the Ubuntu Operating System on my laptop, these eye-catching seed-ee’s live for another purpose.

You see, in the next few days, the information contained within them will spread like a network virus that replicates trough the human mind. It may already have infected my dad who saw them on my desk and could not contain his curiosity. He asked what they are and I explained to him: Free CD’s that contain a Free Computer Operating System called Ubuntu. He smiled and told me that he has yet to see a catch-free gift in his mailbox, he said “All I get is bills and lawsuit citations” then he asked: “Is it from a religious sect?”.