The Ultimate Guide to Linux Digital Photography Software - Introduction

I had been using digikam for several years to manage my collection of digital photographs. With the recent purchase of a new DSLR (my first I might add), I was looking to see what else was out there in the terms of software, functionality, features, costs, etc. At the same time, while looking on the net to see what was available, I found many people looking for the same things as I. There was also a lot of mis-information out there. Due to the popularity of our Ultimate Linux Guides to ....I decided to create this one.

In this article, I will list some of the software that is out there along with a basic description and their homepage url's. I will randomly pick the software as I try it out and add to this collection, tentively entitled, "The Ultimate Linux Digital Photography Guide". This guide will help you chose the correct workflow that works for you.