Ubuntu Media Players OverView

1. Beep Media Player: MP, or Beep Media Player, is a compact media player that was originally forked from XMMS with the goal of porting XMMS to GTK2 and make use of more modern desktop standards. The original XMMS is based on GTK 1.2, which is now deprecated for roughly 4 years, and was deprecated at the time of the fork for approximately 2 years. This, and the fact that the developers were developing XMMS under a mostly cathedral-style model led M. Derezynski to fork BMP from XMMS.

2. Banshee
Import, organize, play, and share your music using Banshee’s simple, powerful interface.Rip CDs, play and sync your iPod, create playlists, and burn audio and MP3 CDs. Most portable music devices are supported.Banshee also has support for podcasting, smart playlists, music recommendations, and much more.


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Don't Forget Amarok

Though it isn't natively for GNOME/GTK+, Amarok is a wonderful media player. It's worth installing kdelibs, IMO.