Ubuntu Gutsy Makes Automatix Obsolete

According to the NY Times today, "to watch a movie, the Linux user must install necessary codecs, or decoders. One way to do that is to first download a program called Automatix from www.getautomatix.com.”  Apparently, he was not running the Gutsy beta.


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Too bad the NY Times couldn't wait a month . . .

If Walt Mossberg and Larry Magid of the NY Times could have waited with their pronouncements about a month for Gutsy to make it onto a Dell laptop, I think Mossberg might actually change his tune a bit, and Magid's qualified endorsement might be a little more wholehearted.

Gutsy is looking like it may be a real tipping point. Not that Gutsy is a revolution, or that it will be Linux Perfected or anything. People already using Feisty and having it set up well will not see that much difference. But for new users, it's about cleaning up a lot of those last rough edges out that just add up to a little too much hassle.

Honestly, at this rate Hardy Heron looks like the point at which absolute functional parity with Windows/Mac for the average user is reached, and beyond which Linux just accelerates past.