Ubuntu equivalents to programs of Windows or Mac

I was searching for Ubuntu softwares from Community Ubuntu Documentation. I found this very helpful doc for all Ubuntu users. It list the best open-source applications available and supported for Ubuntu for new Linux users to explore. Programs are compared to corresponding Windows or Mac program. Other software list are need to be verified in the repositories.

Here it is… These really help me a lot and so for you too.

Desktop Applications


Email Client = Thunderbird

Compare to: Microsoft Outlook

IRC Client = X-Chat 2

Compare to: mIRC

Universal Instant Messaging Client = Pidgin (formerly Gaim)

Compare to: Trillian

Web browser = FireFox

Compare to: Microsoft Internet Explorer

Voice Over IP = OpenWengo

Compare to: Skype


Learning Games = Childsplay

Compare to: Unknown

Planetarium = Stellarium

Compare to: Unknown

Space Simulator = Celestia

Compare to: Unknown

Flight Simulator = FlightGear

Compare to: MS Flight Simulator

Typing Tutor = Tux Typing

Compare to: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Beginner Drawing Program = Tux Paint

Compare to: KidPix

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