Ubuntu Brainstorm Update

Four amazing days have passed since the launch of brainstorm.ubuntu.com, and all we can say is Whoah! A couple of numbers:

  • 10,000 registered users
  • 2700 ideas (in comparison, Dell Ideastorm has 9000 ideas)

And the numbers keep growing! We had not expected such a success.

But this huge success has its consequences. As many users have pointed out, there are many duplicates, some spam, and the current ordering of ideas (most votes first) in the main page is not optimized for new ideas. Some quirks and bugs have also been found, thanks to your input on Brainstorm!

Quality over quantity is the goal. The objective of Brainstorm is simple: every idea posted on Brainstorm gets its share of attention. This allows the best ideas to be presented at the next Ubuntu Developer Summit. Some of the more pressing issues were dealt with this week.

For this, we created several new ideas lists: