Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Has Been Released

New features include:

1) Gnome 2.26 desktop environment, which includes the following new features:

a) brasero, an all-in-one CD burning application.
b) Improved multi-monitor handling.

2) X.Org server 1.6, which supports several new video cards, as well as ATI-specific performance improvements including EXA acceleration by default, 2D support for R6xx/R7xx, 3D support for R5xx cards, along with an updated -fglrx proprietary driver for R6xx/R7xx 3D support.

3) New notification style and preferences.
4) Boot performance is "significantly improved".
5) Linux kernel 2.6.28-11.37, which is based on
6) Ext4 file system support.

7) Server edition includes support for cloud computing via Eucalyptus, an open source technology which is included in Ubuntu as a technology preview, enables you to use your own servers to deploy, experiment and test your own private cloud that matches the Amazon EC2 API.

8) Turn-key mail servers with the dovecot-postfix package, which supports SMTP, POP3 and IMAP with TLS and SASL.