Ubuntu 8.10 - A Positive Evolution

Ubuntu 8.10 has been installed on my computer for over two weeks now. The tests began with beta version through RC and finished with the final release today. Usually I do not install test versions, however, favourable opinions of my friends convinced me it was worth trying. I have to admit, I am not disappointed with the latest version of Ubuntu, 8.10. And here is why.

Installation & Upgrade

I have Ubuntu installed on two computers. On the first, there is a fresh installation and the second has an upgrade of previous version.

Upgrading has always been connected with a certain risk of failure. I have often encountered the situation where a system did not start after attempting an upgrade. It was exactly the opposite this time. The newest Ubuntu loaded even few seconds faster the previous one.
The minor flaw is that one needs to download almost 1Gb of packages which takes a lot of time.