Ubuntu 10.04 First Time Use Script 0.2 Released: It Now Comes With A GUI

If you liked the script in our "What To Do After Installing Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx? Run This Script!" post, you'll be glad to know that version 0.2 is out.

What's new in "Ubuntu 10.04 First time use script" (if you come up with an actual name, please do let us know =) ):

  • it now comes with a GUI - well, almost, it uses Zenity so all you have to do is check some boxes and the script will do the rest
  • the script now auto accepts the JAVA license when installing it, so you don't have to do this yourself anymore
  • added Dropbox installation (including the Dropbox repository which is for Karmic for now but it works on Lucid too - it will be updated to the Lucid repository when Dropbox will release it)
  • Install development tools (from build-essential to Subversion and GIT)
  • added gnome-do
  • Remove drive icons from desktop gconf tweak
  • Fix Google Chrome repository slowness for "apt-get update"
  • added a new Gconf tweak: disable the GDM login screen user list - I find it a security leak for Ubuntu to display your username when logging in.
  • the script no longer removes Empathy and the central-european settings for MPlayer and Totem have been removed.
  • it now requires you run it with "sudo"