Ubuntu: Bridging the technology gap

In our second interview with Mark Shuttleworth, the man behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, we discuss issues of interoperability and the learning curve associated with switching to Linux.

As the founder of Thawte Consulting, and sometime participant in the Debian GNU/Linux development process, Mark Shuttleworth, the South African entrepreneur, benefactor and creator of Ubuntu Linux, was an early adopter of free software.

"As a student I wanted to explore the internet and it turned out that Windows and the other traditional operating systems did not have very good networking technology at the time," said Shuttleworth. "A friend showed me Linux, and I was amazed at its stability, reliability, and flexibility. In those days it was really server-oriented and I used it to build the entire infrastructure for Thawte. Over time I came to believe that the open, collaborative approach of the free software community produces better quality software than the traditional proprietary software approach."