Typography in LaTeX

In the previous article regarding writing a dissertation we omitted the problem of typography and focused chiefly on the structure of the text and its elements. With this article we will complete our course on LaTeX. Since the previous article had a lot of illustrative examples of how to use LaTeX to typeset the text, we will also employ some of these instances today.

Spaces in the text

Monosyllable conjunctions at the end of a line are generally not desired and should be gotten rid of. LaTeX does not move them to the next line automatically since it cannot analyze the context. Therefore, we need to help it with the interpretation. While writing the text, a non-breaking space can be inserted with a tilde `~`, for instance:

so~it was

Double spaces are not particularly appealing, either. In this case, however, TeX knows what to do and no matter how many spaces we type it will render just one. A mark ending a line is also considered to be a space.