Tweak photos with Fotox

Compared to powerful and feature-rich photo applications like F-Spot and digiKam, Fotox looks decidedly underpowered. But while Fotox is no match to those powerhouses featurewise, this lightweight tool can come in handy when you have to perform basic photo editing fast and with minimum fuss.

Fotox's interface is spartan: the menu bar sports only three items, and the toolbar contains buttons for frequently used functions. When you open a photo using the Open button, Fotox automatically sets the folder in which the photo is stored as the working directory. You can then use the Previous and Next buttons to open other photos in the directory. The Index button opens a simple photo browser that you can use to view your photo collection as thumbnails and browse it using the available navigation buttons. Back in the main window, the EXIF button lets you view the EXIF data of the currently opened photo. To process the EXIF data, Fotox relies on the exiv2 package, so you have to install it if you want to make use of the EXIF feature.