TrueCrypt 5: Encrypt your drive in GUI

We have covered TrueCrypt before on, in particular the article TrueCrypt Tutorial: Truly Portable Data Encryption explained how to encrypt your Linux partitions with TrueCrypt using the command line. This text will therefore focus on the new GUI tool.

Major changes

Here are the major improvements over version 4.0:

  • Ability to encrypt the root partition or disk with authorization during system bootup,
  • Mac OS X support,
  • Graphical user interface for Linux,
  • XTS mode — faster and more secure than previous LRW mode. Disks/partitions encrypted with LRW are still usable in TrueCrypt 5.
  • Hash algorithm SHA-1 replaced with SHA-512. In order to switch to the new algorithm for existing encrypted partitions you need to choose “Set Header Key Derivation Algorithm” option when re-encrypting your disk
  • Redesigned Linux version, which should make TrueCrypt work way better with Linux kernel (it used to be very sensible to kernel upgrades before),
  • Lots of other fixes together with security hardening

Creating an encrypted area

Encrypting your disk is now extremely easy.