Transform images into videos with images2mpg

images2mpg, a simple utility that's part of the KDE Image Plugin Interface (KIPI), lets you create an MPEG file from image files. Relying on a handful of command-line tools including the ImageMagick suite and mjpegtools, images2mpg creates wonderful videos from your images and even lets you insert your favorite song as the background. It supports SVCD, DVD, VCD, and XVCD video formats.

To install KIPI, Fedora and Ubuntu users can respectively use yum or apt. Before you begin experimenting with images2mpg, you will need to install ImageMagick and mjpegtools too.

The following command creates a SVCD file using three images files: images2mpg -f SVCD -d 4 -o car.mpg -i DSC00475.JPG DSC00468.JPG DSC00477.JPG. In this command, the -d command switch specifies the duration in seconds for which each image will be visible.