Track your collections with Tellico

Is there anyone who doesn't collect something? I, for instance, have a sizable collection of books. Remembering who gave me which ones, and keeping track of ones I've currently lent to friends, is a nightmarish chore. Happily, the Tellico collection manager can catalog all sorts of collections, including books, movies, games, cards, coins, comic books, and even wine.

To install this KDE application, Ubuntu and Fedora users can respectively use the sudo apt-get install tellico and su -c "yum install tellico" commands. Once installed, Tellico is listed in the Office menu.

The main Tellico window is split into two parts. On the left is a list of all items in a particular collection. Clicking on one of the items brings up its details in the bottom-right panel of the window.

To begin using Tellico, click File -> New and select your type of collection. You can then begin adding entries to the collection by clicking Collection -> New Entry. This will open the Edit Entry dialog box with text fields relevant to the collection you've chosen. For instance, if you choose coin collection, the fields would be country, denomination, and so on.