Top 10 Gutsy Forum Feature Requests Revisited

A while back I posted about my top 10 feature requests for Gutsy on the Ubuntu Forums. Gutsy has brought some great new features to Ubuntu many of which I did not include in my original top 10 feature requests but if I was to do it again I probably would.

In fact when I wrote the original list I had a bit of trouble coming up with 10 and in my opinion “Allow Us To Vote (like ideastorm, digg, etc.) On Ideas Here.” while it would be a grate addition to the Ubuntu Forums is not a feature for Ubuntu and hence a bit of a cop-out. All the same with the release of Gutsy I think its about time I revisited that list and commented on that list again and congratulate everyone who worked on it.

10. [IDEA] Nautilus “Restore from Trash” - Still not implemented. This feature would be quite hard to implement and for me it is a very low priority, but I can see why other users would want it.