Three addictive pop-up console utilities

I do development work, and I require access to a console to run programs, check output, or monitor transmission packets. Up until now, I've used a terminal program in a different desktop, and use the mouse to change to that terminal. Now I've found a quicker way, by using any of three Quake-style consoles that pop up just by pressing a key.


YaKuake is easy to get and install, because it appears in openSUSE repositories. The stable release is version 2.7.5 (from March 2006) with version 2.8 (May 2007) in beta; I tried them both with no problems.

The first time you run it (you can find it in the main menu, under System/Terminal, or type yakuake in a terminal) YaKuake shows a small popup window informing you that you can call up the console with F12, and allows you to change the key binding.