Taking Ubuntu Unity Interface For A Test Drive [Screenshots and Video]

The new Unity interface for Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition and Ubuntu Light will remind you of Gnome Shell, but Unity seems more usable, with the "dock" panel on the left. We took Ubuntu Unity interface for a test drive, so here are some screenshots and video I just took, as well as explainations on how the Unity dock works.

Unity dock options / behavior: you can pin applications to the dock by right clicking them and selecting "Keep in Launcher", meaning you'll always have a shortcut available when the application is not running. Also, running applications have an arrow on the left, while the currently active application has an arrow on the right (thus the two arrows on Chrome in the screenshot below):


ubuntu unity dock


unity ubuntu pin application

The dock is scrollable which will be a great advantage for touch devices. To scroll it, hold the dock with your mouse and drag.