Take a bunch of free clip art and giving it to every user in OpenOffice.org

I've talked a lot about how IT administrators should take all the free clip art they can download, assemble it and categorize it, and give it to every user to make OpenOffice.org more fun and more usable. I have pointed to the clip art (see the new list at the left side of this blog page about free clip art, templates, and fonts) but have yet to specify how to do it.

Step 1: Download massive amounts of clip art and categorize it. If possible, get an intern to do this.

Be sure to categorize it in separate directories as you download it -- or after, if that works better for you.

Step 2: Figure out how it all works, conceptually.



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ubuntu install using the installer

we were exited to hear about ubuntu because windows didnot give us validation and we are left with only 5 days and count down.we tried to down load ubuntu from the web but all were fragile files.so we tried using the installer and we got an error saying"very low virtual memory" and abort the installation.in the mean time we are at the verge of the exitment and forced to reinstall windows for another extra 30 shaking days.it is our original windows disk but reinstall is prohibited.so we are shifting to a new entirely different zone,but installation difficult.we have very little knowledge.in short how can we treat this low virtual memory problem? thank you to any body of human type!