Sun Wiki Publisher extension for shines

Wikis are a great way to collaborate on text documents, but different wikis sometimes use incompatible wiki markup languages, and few wikis provide simple WYSIWYG editors to shorten the learning curve. Even for those fluent in wiki markup, using a word processor to create wiki content is often more convenient -- especially for publishing existing documents and for creating complex tables. Now the newly available Sun Wiki Publisher simplifies the process of publishing an Writer document directly to a compatible MediaWiki wiki from 2.4 or later without the need for a Web browser.

Publishing to MediaWiki is not an entirely new feature for Versions 2.3 and later have a built-in XSLT export filter for exporting Writer documents to MediaWiki format. After export you must still open the exported document in a text editor, copy it, and paste it into the wiki through a Web browser. The new extension simplifies the publication process to just a few clicks, and avoids potential character encoding issues. It requires you have Java 1.4 or later installed.