Streamlined Firefox 3 makes browsing safer, more productive

Desktop users, developers, and reviewers all had their download managers aimed at the Firefox Web site Monday to grab Firefox 3 as soon as it launched and also help Mozilla set a world record. World record or not, the latest Firefox release is a world-class Web browser. It looks impressive, renders text and images better than its predecessor, and helps you browse safely. But while it delivers pages faster by cutting down crucial milliseconds, its memory footprint (in unscientific tests) is still as big as a yeti.

Feature-wise, Firefox 3 is a mammoth release. Mozilla claims the release has more than 15,000 improvements -- big and small, most under the hood but quite a few over it as well. Most of its user-centric features have been vetted through an extensive beta testing cycle and were mentioned in our review of Firefox 3 beta 4.